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Issue 38 of 3D Art Direct

Read Issue 38/39 of 3D Art Direct : Double Issue New Look Magazine!

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Issue 38 of 3D Art Direct

Issue 38 of 3D Art Direct

“If change is inevitable, predictable, beneficial, doesn’t logic demand that you be a part of it?”
Star Trek’s Captain Kirk talking to Spock from “Mirror, Mirror”

I’m very pleased to introduce you to our change and new look for the 3D Art Direct magazine.

With a cleaner, fresher look and a tighter consistency in the design throughout, we still wish to maintain the focus on what we do best. It’s all about sharing the stories of creativity through our in-depth interviews with some amazing artists and content creators, straight from the genres of science fiction and fantasy art.

As you read these narratives, we very much hope that you gain inspiration from the passion and hard won battles that you’ll learn from these interviews, and most of all we hope that muse leads to action in creating your own amazing artwork.

In this issue:-


3d Art Direct talks 3d tailoring with ‘Xurge’, maker of the finest quality character suits.… Read the rest

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ZBrush®, the tool that changed the GAME

As both an enthusiastic gamer and a digital artist I follow closely both the hardware and tool innovations that happen in the computer and digital art worlds.

The digital entertainment business is a huge and varied one, yet, there’s many tools that are used all across the board, whether it’s creating gaming content, working on the next blockbuster movie or just making high-quality 3D content for the masses (as I do).


Among all of them, there’s one that really stands out as game-changing (pun intended): ZBrush®.

ZBrush® is perhaps the program that had the strongest impact on the 3D digital entertainment world since its release in the early 2000, although it did take a few years for it to become a full-fledged application.

Pixologic®’s tool allows artists (both modelers and texturers alike) to go beyond the limits set by hardware and gaming engines, adding details that wouldn’t otherwise be achievable.

trees tattoes hearttreesorchard2
I started using ZBrush® since version 2, back then, compatibility was still a bit of an issue. ZBrush® could interface easily enough with higher-end tools, such as Maya, which has always been a major one in the pipelines of game-developing studios, but people like me, that had to import their final content in Poser, for example, had to jump through some hoops, sometimes fiery ones.… Read the rest

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Read issue 20 : Discover behind the scenes at Renderosity.com, a digital arts community with over 830,000 visitors per month

Ever wondered about the history of Renderosity, the staff behind the website and where it might be going next? Discover more about this remarkable community of digital artists, which has grown tremendously since 1999.

  • 830,000+ visitors per month
  • Nearly 10 million page views per month
  • Over 9 minutes per visit

We are pleased to interview the business development and marketing manager at Renderosity, Tim Haaksma.

This month’s cover is a striking ancient female character named “Akeela” produced for the Reborn Computer Game created with ZBrush by Patrick Turner, who we interview this month.

Patrick talked about his Akeela character and wanted a look that was incredibly ancient and had a lot of personality. During his chat about the creation of this piece, he spoke about “photo-realism”:-

“I used to chase photo-realism when I was airbrushing. It was an easy way to know when I was finished – it looked like a photo. We know what that looks like. One day, someone asked, “Why don’t they just use a photo?” I didn’t have an answer that would take less than 3 days to explain, but it got me thinking. Illustration has the ability to render what can’t be photographed and it should also have qualities that go beyond photography.

Read the rest
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3DAD 005 : All About ZBrush with Les Garner from Sixus1 Media and ZBrush Webinar Offer

In this session we interview Les Garner from Sixus1Media which provides a quality set of services for 3D modeling, texturing, rigging & animation.

It is a family run business involving his wife Rebekah and now son in producing content that quite a few of the artists interviewed in the pages of the 3D Art Direct magazine have used and rated highly!

Les has operated his business for over twelve years later, having turned out probably more original figures/characters than anyone else in the business. Prior to getting into digital art and 3d, Les was a comic book illustrator and airbrush artist, which he still provides as services in Sixus1Media today.  And if you look at the content that he produces, it will confirm to you that the character aspect of the work has always the major artistic focus for his business.

In this interview with Les we talk about  Z-Brush, a digital sculpting tool which has superb advantages in creating 3D models.

Most importantly 3D Art Direct and Sixus1Media will be presenting a live webinar for an introduction to using ZBrush. So if you’ve wondered about using this software or have struggled in using the unique interface, this is the webinar for you.… Read the rest

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