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Interview with Clint Hawkins from YUR digital – Providing 3D models, backgrounds, digital art content and animation sequences


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One of the best Podcast interviews we have had to date is with Clint Hawkins who comes across with a lot of passion for digital arts and his company YUR digital. Here we’ve provided the complete transcript of the session. In this interview Clint reveals:-

  • Clint’s involvement with  Renderosity and what he learned as he helped successfully grew the market place.
  • How YUR Digital was started and some of the early hurdles when setting up the  company.
  • What helps YUR Digital stand apart from other content market places. How Clint helps the content providers feel valued,
  • The steps for a new seller who wants to start selling digital art content at YUR digital.
  • The marketing successes of Clint’s wife Lillian who is the marketing director .
  • The role of Baron Thomas Von Buettner, who is the YUR-Roving Reporter in the Visual Effects motion picture industry.

With over 30 years of experience in the computer and digital art industry, Clint Hawkins leads the daily operations of YURdigital. His work history includes 17 years as a computer engineer for Data General, 3 years as a systems administrator with S1, 10 years with Bondware and 3 years as a successful business owner and eBay power seller.… Read the rest

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Read Issue 22 : Applying the New to the Old – Modern Visual Effects Restoring Original Classics

I was privileged to attend the Star Trek : Destination London convention last weekend, which was remarkable in that all five captains of the franchise attended this one event. As you can imagine it was a large scale convention, held at the London Expo centre and it was a very busy, entertaining and informative day!

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Of particular interest to me was that some of the production staff were present, including Ronald D Moore who was a co-executive producer of Star Trek: Deeps Space Nine (DS9) and the Executive producer of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series (BSG). It was rare access to a high powered producer of two critically acclaimed shows, so I grabbed the microphone during his talk and posed him the following question, which was suggested to me by Jens Reinhart (interviewed in issue 21):-

“If you had the capability of today’s Computer Graphics providing the visual effects for past series such as Deep Space Nine, how would you have done things differently on the show?”

I added the example that the visual effects for the Galactica space scenes were much more natural than those used in the Star Trek franchise.

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