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YouTube Video – The Best of Sci-fi and Fantasy Digital Art from Kurt Richards

We present a selection of the best work from Kurt Richard’s portfolio, a sci-fi and fantasy 3D digital artist using  e-On’s Vue software and Photoshop.

Kurt’s preferred style of art is using “Layer Blending” ; generating multiple renders of a scene and layering them in Photoshop. This technique tends to produce a watercolour like effect in his work.

Kurt has received over 43900 views of his artwork at Renderosity.com and over 3500 comments – so given this overwhelming support on his artwork – check out the best of it in video format.

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Accomplished Sci-Fi Digital Artist Wolfgang Sigl YouTube Video

3D Art Direct presents Wolfgang Sigle’s portfolio on YouTube, a long standing digital artist that has specialised in Bryce since 2001. He has uploaded over 1250 images to his Renderosity gallery and received over 9280 comments so far from his followers. Wolfgang lives in Germany with his wife and daughter who is an accomplished author of sci-fi novels, in which Wolfgang has done most of the book cover art for.
To find out more about Wolfgang and his work visit his website at whiskeysierragrafics.com.

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Survey Results are in : What do you Want to Achieve with your Artwork?

Survey Results are in : What do you Want to Achieve with your Artwork?

Our simple three question survey elicited quite a few responses, since it was titled “What do you want to achieve with your artwork?”. Sometimes being wrapped up in the passion of creativity, it’s a question you may not have considered fully. Discover some of the more interesting responses below!

1. “What do you want to achieve with your artwork?”

We received responses echoing the end goal of one respondant who said “Fame and fortune”- these came in at just under 50%. It seems that a majority of artists do want to earn recognition, respect and to be paid for it at the same time! There was a strong determination indicated by some artists of wanting to switch over to being a professional from amateur status, but not knowing how or where to publicise their art.

The remaining answers indicated wanting to create art just for fun, enjoyment and fulfilment, including: “I’ve always done art in some form or fashion mostly just because I have an inner drive to do it. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to…”

2. “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to promoting your artwork?”

Marketing your artwork as mentioned by one reply below, can be tedious and involve a constant effort, but it’s worth investing in this activity – particularly if you want to make income from your artwork.… Read the rest

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