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Read Issue 19 : Explore Digital Artwork from 8 Featured Artists and How to Add Realism to Your 3D Digital Models

The problem with virtual models can be that they’re too perfect, too abstract, so how do you overcome this?

Going back to Industrial Light and Magic’s (ILM) early history may provide an answer. When they started out, they had to innovate because the budget for the original Star Wars movie was relatively small. So they employed “Kit Bashing”, using pieces from hundreds of plastic models to build the needed Star Destroyers, Y-Wings and so on for the movie. The bare surfaces of the base models were jammed with pieces of model kits and even the odd plastic soldier – anything to break up the flat planes.

Allegedly, Industrial Light and Magic model-makers originally created the term “greebles”. There’s also an equivalent geeky sounding term banded about “nurnie”.

So “Greebles” were used to make physical models look less bare. Model-makers, whether working with physical models or virtual for that matter, run into the same problem – and can employ the same solution. It’s basically saying they fix the issue by “gluing lots of junk to bare surfaces”.

Issue 19 includes a resource list of Greeble plug-ins for popular 3D art applications to “unperfect” the surface of your virtual models and give them additional realism.… Read the rest

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3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17

3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17 – Digital Art Collaborations

Creating digital art, although rewarding, can be a solitary experience – it’s just you and your workstation . All those hours can be burned away and you may have your next masterpiece ready to upload, but there hasn’t been another human soul in the process.

So what about collaborating with another artist on a project? This offers the advantage of bringing together additional strengths to a creation. For example, one artist may be excellent with landscapes or starscapes, another may have good experience with Poser figures – so combining this example of skills could really generate something eye-catching.

For issue 17, my assistant editor Mickey Mills spotted an excellent collaborative project entitled “ExtraSolar” by Björn Malmberg and Ryan Malone and a great interview ensued. Initially the partnership was to just last with one image, but they soon recognized a lot more scenes and stories could be created under the umbrella of “ExtraSolar”, the project was named by Björn. The joint venture between Björn from Sweden and Ryan from North Carolina in the States worked well, with both having similar mind-sets on where they wanted to go with the artwork. The only real challenge was the six hour time difference, prompting them to work on weekends, rather than work day nights.… Read the rest

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3D Art Direct Podcast Session 1 : Introduction to 3D Art Direct magazine and tribute to Ralph McQuarrie

It’s here! The first session of the 3D Art Direct Podcast!

You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog. Additionally, I will be submitting the podcast feed to iTunes soon, so you can subscribe there as well – but I’ll let you know when it’s up and ready to go.

Right click here to download the MP3

Click here to view or download the Session 1 Transcript


In this session we introduce 3D Art Direct’s mission statement to help and inspire 3D digital artists. There’s a brief introduction about me, Paul Bussey, the editor of 3D Art Direct magazine, and I promote four artists published in issue 16 of our magazine; Tarik Keskin, Neil Thacker, DeeDee Davies and Les Garner from Sixus1 Media.

There’s also a tribute to Ralph McQuarrie who inspired many a digital artist. We paint a potted history of his involvement with George Lucas and Star Wars in his influence on the eventual box office success of this movie and its sequels.

Artists Promoted in this Session

Tarik Keskin (3DS Max)

DeeDee Davies (Vue Studio, Poser Pro and Carrara Pro)

Neil Thacker (Bryce, Vue)

Les Garner  from Sixus1 Media (Poser models and props)

Artwork examined in this Session

Heartbeat of Stone by DeeDee Davies

Space Dock I06 by Tarik Keskin

Links mentioned in this Session

Ralph McQuarrie’s official website

Paul Bussey’s gallery at Renderosity

Action Items

Let me know what you thought about the Podcast!… Read the rest

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Discover stunning digital nebulae space art

Glenn Clovis has a passion for nebulae; beautiful interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen gas and plasma. “They stem from pure chaos. I have freedom to mix elements, colors and patterns how I like, I’m not restricted in a detailed sense on what I can create or what it looks like.”. And after seeing Glenn’s work in his portfolio over at DeviantArt, you’ll definitely have an increased interest in these interstellar clouds – “birth places of stars”. You can also check out Glenn’s work  at his own well designed website at glennclovis.com.

We’re pleased to interview Glenn for the October issue of 3D Art Direct magazine who uses primarily Photoshop with Vue and Cinema 4D providing some fascinating space-faring models to complete some of his scenes. He’s had several of his works appearing on the covers of novels and  magazines. Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Glenn:-

3DAD:  Have you always been a traditional pencil and ink kind of artist or did this evolve with the digital world?
GC: I started out as a basic pencil/ink artist, creating most of my pieces during the 90’s.  I purchased my first copy of Adobe Photoshop 3.0in 1996 and I started to teach myself. 

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Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 12 now Available


Printed Edition

Issue 12 Premium Edition

By Paul Bussey in 3D Art Direct

52 pages, published 4 SEP 2011

3D digital arts magazine specialising in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. We interview selected artists and discover their portfolios and stories through exclusive interviews. Editorial: The State of the CG Industry. Interview : Jenni Sjöberg – “I do try to make sure the characters I create are strong, capable and just generally “kicking ass” type women. I sometimes scare my boyfriend with some of them though.”. Interview : Chuck Carter On the deve…
Read the rest
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Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 11 Now Available

Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 11 Now Available

Issue 11 Premium Edition

By Paul Bussey in 3D Art Direct

52 pages, published 18 AUG 2011

3D digital arts magazine specialising in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. We interview selected artists and discover their portfolios and stories through exclusive interviews. Editorial : 5 top resources to help you sell your Digital Art Interview : Fredy Wenzel. “Cinema 4D is my main 3D package. Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and most important for me: rock solid!” Interview : Richard Kitner. “I’m a big “teeth and claws” kind of artist. I…
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Cinema 4D: Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and rock solid!

That’s what Fredy Wenzel’s opinion is of Cinema 4D, the main tool in his workflow. The free mini magazine edition of 3D Art Direct has been published and includes a lead interview article with Fredy (Fredy3D on DeviantArt) from Northern Germany. Sign up for our mini magazine now, to read the full interview with Fredy and to discover in detail his workflow with Cinema 4D.

In our premium August edition to be published soon, we hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Chuck Carter, one of the lead artists from the smash adventure game Myst, developed in the 1990s. Myst created a new style of graphical adventure and the artwork produced was landmark for the time and still keeps a firm fan base. The Myst adventure game is now available as an on-line experience here.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from our interview with Fredy.

3DAD: You list your software tools as Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Poser and Vue. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms?
FW: Let’s start with Poser. I could always draw nice technical stuff but drawing humans and animals was always a nightmare. So Poser is a great relief when it comes to pose humans and animals, to cloth humans and to play around with morphs and expressions.

Read the rest
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Jacob Charles Dietz Interview

Steve Wozniak has bought art from him and he’s been published in the digital arts crème de la crème annuals EXPOSÉ 7 and 8. Who is this international artist that lives in the Arizona desert and publishes exceptional future noir and science fiction imagery?

Meet Charles Jacob Dietz in our key interview for this month’s premium edition of the 3D Art Direct magazine, out on the 29th August.

Attached are a few pieces of his work that we’ve quizzed him about during the interview and here are a few free snippets from the interview text:-

3DAD: What first led you into your interest in being an artist and illustrator? Was it an influence at a young age?
JCD: It was definitely at a young age. As a kid I used to drool over the cool role playing games in the window of our local gaming store, so as soon as I was old enough to understand the gameplay I became totally infatuated with them. Aside from actually playing, I loved the drawings like those from the old Star Frontiers game and many others, so before too long I was drawing my own characters, environments and vehicles, all the while trying to emulate the classic style of the great artists who’s work embellished the game modules.

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Create 3D Like a Superhero!!

Chipp Walters has just launched his new comic-style book “Create 3D Like a Superhero!”. It teaches how to use e-on’s Vue in creating photo realistic landscapes and vistas, modeling inside vue and broaches interior lighting. It’s a fresh approach on creating 3D artwork and raises the beginner to a good standard in creating detailed vistas in a few steps.
It includes the Vue Pioneer SE software to get you started straight away!

‘Create 3D Like a Superhero’ by Chipp Walters

We interview Chipp in an exclusive interview in the premium edition of the 3D Art Direct Magazine, published tommorow. He talks about working with 3D digital art right at the beginning, working with NASA, Apple and Syd Mead—the visual futurist for movies such as Blade Runner, TRON, 2010 and Short Circuit.

Here’s an interview excerpt and a few images from a wide ranging gallery of Chipp’s work included in the premium magazine:-

CW: On the Mac there were several 3D products. I suppose I mostly used Super3D. I wrote an animation program which could control it, and did some amazing Ingress/Egress animations for NASA showing astronauts climbing in and out of a CERV (Crew Emergency Return Vehicle) which my newly formed design firm, Design Edge, had designed.

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Interview with Juan Rodriguez : "Elves and Goblins" – digital fantasy art

Interview with Juan Rodriguez : "Elves and Goblins" – digital fantasy art

Juan is a 31 year old digital artist who lives in Pamplona, Northern Spain and we interview him concerning his fantasy art. He presents some of the stories behind his pictures, what inspires him for his imagary and some quick tips for those just starting out in 3D digital art. Read this insightful interview, see Juan’s art portfolio and others in our premium content magazine, to be published later this month.

Here’s an excerpt:-

“This is somewhat one of my favourite images. It Is not the best technically, but it’s very personal. A lot of times, your job reflects your mood. I’m from Zaragoza, a city in the north of Spain. But i have lived in six more towns, changing friends and homes every six or seven years.

Past deals with time. Nothing stays the same, the world is moving forward and when you return several years later where you came from you may discover that nothing is like you remembered or wanted to remember.

In the image, two adventurers return to one of their homelands, just to discover that the castle where he was born is now just a ruin.”

Read the rest

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