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3DAD 024 : Stories from the Visual Effects Industry – Greg Teegarden Computer Graphics Supervisor at Digital Domain


Greg Teegarden is a computer graphics supervisor at Digital Domain, a visual effects and digital production company based in Venice, Los Angeles, California.

Greg Teegarden from Digital Domain

He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has worked on productions including SeaQuest 2032, The Fifth Element, Tron : Legacy, X Men: First Class, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and more recently the Oblivion movie starring Tom Cruise.

He has been nominated six times at the Visual Effects Society for his work.

Listen to the interview HERE

We are pleased to interview Greg in this podcast session and learn:-

– How Greg’s father, James Teegarden, who was an art director and set designer for Back to the Future II, Artificial Intelligence and E.T. influenced Greg.
– How Greg got started professionally in visual effects.
– The experience of working as an animator on Seaquest 2032.
– The influence of Industrial Light and Magic.
– Some of Greg’s earliest visual effects tools including Lightwave.
– Greg’s experience on the sci-fi movie Oblivion, which starred Tom Cruise.
– Using Terragen to create a procedural generated Earth for the opening scene in Oblivion with the Universal Studios logo.… Read the rest

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3DAD 017 : Star Trek Phase II Visual Effects Interview with Tobias Richter from The Light Works

 Back Camera

In this session we learn how a hobby for computer games and graphics led to a notable visual effects business headed by Tobias Richter based in Cologne, Germany called “The Light Works”. His company is now used by main industry clients such as Atari, CBS Digital and Lucas Arts as well as indie film producers for quality visual effects.

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Discover in this episode:-

– Tobias has an amazing working environment, filled with sci-fi physical models that act as a great reference to creating virtual ones.

– How physical model building is a useful discipline for virtual modeling.

– How The Light Works company started.

– The secrets of how high quality visual effects are created on a relatively small budget.

– Tobias’s main tools and workflow.

– The Light Works involvement in Star Trek Phase II.

– Tobias and Fedcon – a major annual Star Trek convention in Germany.… Read the rest

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