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Read Issue 32: Creating Ring Worlds with Terragen 2

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3d Art Direct Issue 32 Cover

Interview : Susanne Krings
“The main difference between fractals and 3D applications like Bryce is that usually when creating fractals one doesn’t really have a plan of what to create and how the result will look like. Fractals are more like “finds” and not plans….the possibilities are endless.”
Interview : Richard Fraser
“The story of Ringworld goes back to 2010 and a series of discussions on the Planetside forum. A lot of projects start off with a ‘How can you do this in Terragen?’ or ‘Is this even possible in Terragen?’ and develop from there“
Interview : Cody Paschal
“The sci-fi genre has been a source of profound inspiration for me since the early 60’s. The mythological world conceived through the mind’s eye of “The Grand Master” himself, Gene Roddenberry; the creator of the Star Trek television series, was of considerable fascination to me. “

Interview : Finnian MacManus

“I was deeply honored and very happy that the Luminarium team liked my work.… Read the rest

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Read Issue 24 : Terragen Special – Interviews and Galleries with Five Top Digital Landscape Artists

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54 Pages of Insightful Interviews and Fresh Inspirational Artwork



This issue of 3D Art Direct is dedicated to Terragen. All interviews are conducted with those who are heavily involved in the Terragen universe. I’m very proud to include the transcript of the interview we did with Oshyan Greene, who is Planetside’s (who are the creators of Terragen Classic and Terragen 2) business manager.

I give special thanks to New World Digital Arts who have assisted us to bring interviews with some incredible landscape artists that generously shared their portfolios and lives as Terragen artists.

Editorial : Tribute to Gerry Anderson

Interview : Oshyan Greene

Planetside’s business manager takes us on a tour of how Terragen started, the capabilities of Terragen 2 and how it has been developed to meet production needs of effects studios.

Interview : Ulco Glimmerveen

Replicating natural phenomena, recreating archaeological sites and providing outstanding artwork of our natural world, Ulco (AKA Dune) takes us through some of the best work from his portfolio created with Terragen 2.… Read the rest

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3DAD 009 : Create 3D Natural Environments with Terragen : Interview with Oshyan Greene from Planetside Software

Welcome to session 9 and I am super stoked to introduce an interview with Oshyan (Ocean) Greene, the business manager of Planetside Software, which creates the highly regarded Terragen software. We cover how Terragen started, how Oshyan got involved in working for Planetside after being involved as a community member and supporting the software.

You can download the podcast 

      1. here

Terragen 2 artwork by Frank Basinski

In this session we cover:-

  • How Oshyan first got involved with Terragen and how working with the Terragen community drew him in to a higher level of involvement
  • How the TG community has developed since Oshyan was involved.
  • What was Terragen’s roots? Did it have much influence from Bryce?
  • What are the key advantages of Terragen 2 over Terragen classic?
  • The story of how Paramount’s 100th anniversary logo was created with Terragen 2.
  • Terragen 2 and X-Frog plants. How easy is it to populate a scene with vegetation?
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23 Outstanding Space Art Scenes Created with Terragen

Mark Edwards lives in Mississippi and has used Terragen™ to create a magnificent portfolio of space art. Like many of us, he was greatly influenced by the NASA Apollo moon missions. As a 12 year old boy at the time of Apollo 11, with all the news and excitement around this achievement learning to love space and anything to do with it came easy.

The interview below was originally published in issue 7 of 3D Art Direct magazine. To get access to all the premium issues and gain access to over 1200 pages of in-depth interviews with digital artists in the science fiction and fantasy genres, see our Back Issue Access, which gives you superb value over a magazine subscription.

Terragen™ 2 is a powerful solution for rendering and now animating realistic natural environments. Version 2.4 released earlier this year includes a new animation module. With Terragen you can create entire worlds from your imagination, or import real world terrain datasets and use Terragen 2 to create the most realistic visualisations possible. You control the weather, landscape, rivers, lakes and oceans, suns, moons and stars! Alongside the professional version of Terragen 2,  is a free or “classic” Terragen application available here for the PC or Mac.… Read the rest

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