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Read Issue 33 : Ali Ries Digital Space Artist “I have looked to the stars all my life. To be connected to deep-space in any way I can is a dream come true.”

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Interview : Sebastien Hue 

“The main difference between fractals and 3D applications like Bryce is that usually when creating fractals one doesn’t really have a plan of what to create and how the result will look like. Fractals are more like “finds” and not plans….the possibilities are endless.”

Interview : Jeff Wal

“I have always been inspired by a variety of artists, art styles and genres, and regularly try different styles, often emulating artists that have stood out to me, to see what I can achieve. This is always a good thing to do and practice as you may need to create or match an existing art style.”

Interview : Ali Ries

“I have looked to the stars all my life. The Hubble telescope brought me closer to the wonderful spectacle that the Universe is. To be connected to deep-space in any way I can is a dream come true.”

Interview : Scott Richard 

“I do approach all of my art with a plan or prevision of the image in my mind.

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Read Issue 25 : Poser Pro 2012 and Vue 11 – Perfect Tools for Creating Fantasy Imagery and Storytelling

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58 Pages of Insightful Interviews and Fresh Inspirational Artwork

Issue 25

Dragos Jieanu Dragos’ spectacular “Battlefield” scene, inspired by the illustrator Ralph McQuarrie


Editorial: 3D Digital Arts conference news.

Reviews of Terralive and the forthcoming Poser Expo conference.

Interview : Arthur Dorety

Using Poser Pro 2012 and Vue 11, Arthur creates a myriad of fantasy imagery that blends with and influences his writing. We discover the new worlds and dragon laden scenes since we first interviewed him in issue 9.

Interview : Ron Miller

Ron Miller is a prolific illustrator specializing in science, astronomy, science fiction and fantasy, with Terragen regularly used as part of his toolset. Providing artwork for magazine and book publishers, he is the author, co-author or editor of some fifty-odd books. He has worked on motion pictures including Dune and Total Recall.

Portfolio : Dragos Jieanu

Dragos’ spectacular “Battlefield” scene, inspired by the illustrator Ralph McQuarrie graces the front cover of this issue. Explore other works from this noted Romanian artist.… Read the rest

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23 Outstanding Space Art Scenes Created with Terragen

Mark Edwards lives in Mississippi and has used Terragen™ to create a magnificent portfolio of space art. Like many of us, he was greatly influenced by the NASA Apollo moon missions. As a 12 year old boy at the time of Apollo 11, with all the news and excitement around this achievement learning to love space and anything to do with it came easy.

The interview below was originally published in issue 7 of 3D Art Direct magazine. To get access to all the premium issues and gain access to over 1200 pages of in-depth interviews with digital artists in the science fiction and fantasy genres, see our Back Issue Access, which gives you superb value over a magazine subscription.

Terragen™ 2 is a powerful solution for rendering and now animating realistic natural environments. Version 2.4 released earlier this year includes a new animation module. With Terragen you can create entire worlds from your imagination, or import real world terrain datasets and use Terragen 2 to create the most realistic visualisations possible. You control the weather, landscape, rivers, lakes and oceans, suns, moons and stars! Alongside the professional version of Terragen 2,  is a free or “classic” Terragen application available here for the PC or Mac.… Read the rest

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Discover stunning digital nebulae space art

Glenn Clovis has a passion for nebulae; beautiful interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen gas and plasma. “They stem from pure chaos. I have freedom to mix elements, colors and patterns how I like, I’m not restricted in a detailed sense on what I can create or what it looks like.”. And after seeing Glenn’s work in his portfolio over at DeviantArt, you’ll definitely have an increased interest in these interstellar clouds – “birth places of stars”. You can also check out Glenn’s work  at his own well designed website at glennclovis.com.

We’re pleased to interview Glenn for the October issue of 3D Art Direct magazine who uses primarily Photoshop with Vue and Cinema 4D providing some fascinating space-faring models to complete some of his scenes. He’s had several of his works appearing on the covers of novels and  magazines. Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Glenn:-

3DAD:  Have you always been a traditional pencil and ink kind of artist or did this evolve with the digital world?
GC: I started out as a basic pencil/ink artist, creating most of my pieces during the 90’s.  I purchased my first copy of Adobe Photoshop 3.0in 1996 and I started to teach myself. 

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Three Essential Composition Tips for your Digital Art

For our next issue of 3D art direct magazine, we have included an interview with German digital artist Wolfgang Sigl. He specialises in space art, creating beautiful planetary landscapes with Bryce. See example of his work posted on his comprehensive website – Whisky Sierra Graphics. He has a comprehensive portfolio and a great selection of textures and objects for sale (and a free selection as well!)We include three of his pieces here, to demonstrate three more useful composition tips to enhance your artwork a little more.

Symmetry and Patterns

Angelic Symmetry in Action

Patterns and symmetry surround us; both in natural and man-made formats. They both can make for very eye-catching compositions, especially in situations where they are not expected.

Furthermore – try upsetting the balance of symmetry – place an object to weight the image on one side, to create tension or a focal point to the scene.


Kid Soldier by Wolfgang Sigl

3D digital art has a large advantage, in that the virtual camera can be placed with ease anywhere in the scene.

Viewpoint has a huge impact on the composition of an image, and as a result it can greatly affect the story that the shot conveys.… Read the rest

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