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Read Issue 32: Creating Ring Worlds with Terragen 2

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3d Art Direct Issue 32 Cover

Interview : Susanne Krings
“The main difference between fractals and 3D applications like Bryce is that usually when creating fractals one doesn’t really have a plan of what to create and how the result will look like. Fractals are more like “finds” and not plans….the possibilities are endless.”
Interview : Richard Fraser
“The story of Ringworld goes back to 2010 and a series of discussions on the Planetside forum. A lot of projects start off with a ‘How can you do this in Terragen?’ or ‘Is this even possible in Terragen?’ and develop from there“
Interview : Cody Paschal
“The sci-fi genre has been a source of profound inspiration for me since the early 60’s. The mythological world conceived through the mind’s eye of “The Grand Master” himself, Gene Roddenberry; the creator of the Star Trek television series, was of considerable fascination to me. “

Interview : Finnian MacManus

“I was deeply honored and very happy that the Luminarium team liked my work.… Read the rest

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