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Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 11 Now Available

Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 11 Now Available

Issue 11 Premium Edition

By Paul Bussey in 3D Art Direct

52 pages, published 18 AUG 2011

3D digital arts magazine specialising in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. We interview selected artists and discover their portfolios and stories through exclusive interviews. Editorial : 5 top resources to help you sell your Digital Art Interview : Fredy Wenzel. “Cinema 4D is my main 3D package. Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and most important for me: rock solid!” Interview : Richard Kitner. “I’m a big “teeth and claws” kind of artist. I…
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Cinema 4D: Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and rock solid!

That’s what Fredy Wenzel’s opinion is of Cinema 4D, the main tool in his workflow. The free mini magazine edition of 3D Art Direct has been published and includes a lead interview article with Fredy (Fredy3D on DeviantArt) from Northern Germany. Sign up for our mini magazine now, to read the full interview with Fredy and to discover in detail his workflow with Cinema 4D.

In our premium August edition to be published soon, we hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Chuck Carter, one of the lead artists from the smash adventure game Myst, developed in the 1990s. Myst created a new style of graphical adventure and the artwork produced was landmark for the time and still keeps a firm fan base. The Myst adventure game is now available as an on-line experience here.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from our interview with Fredy.

3DAD: You list your software tools as Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Poser and Vue. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms?
FW: Let’s start with Poser. I could always draw nice technical stuff but drawing humans and animals was always a nightmare. So Poser is a great relief when it comes to pose humans and animals, to cloth humans and to play around with morphs and expressions.

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Read Mini-Mag Edition #3 of 3D Art Direct

We’ve decided to give a valueable give-away interview with our mini-mag third edition of 3D Art Direct.

It’s a full interview with top Poser/Vue artist Fabrice Delage.

It includes a gallery of some of his best work of photo realistic
female models. They are stunning pieces of imagary.

There’s also a part interview with top Mojoworld artist Alex Nikolaev –
discover his amazing sci-fi landscapes and starscapes.

Read the mini-mag edition here

The link will take you directly to the on-line mag which has a
fantastic looking & simple interface for
navigating through the pages. Just copy and paste the link above
into the address bar of your internet browser.

If you are a digital artist we would love to feature your art or
articles, which you can submit via our blog page.

We’re also looking to interview digital artists that can inspire those who are just starting out with 3D digital art.

Contact us if you would like to be considered for interview.… Read the rest

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Melissa Krauss Interview

This month’s premium edition of the 3D Art Direct Magazine, out on Sunday the 29th of August, will feature a popular Poser artist, Melissa Krauss.  

Melissa has been involved with the internet from the beginning. Her specialty has been creating artwork that features well defined and striking female characters. Her artwork Influences include text based role-playing games and the natural environment of the forest. Here’s a segment from the interview:-

3DAD: It’s great to see many well defined female characters in your work, have you helped inspire other women in digital art because of this?
MK:I truly hope so. You see so many female characters in stereo-typical fantasy art settings, but so few with true depth.
3DAD: You have a category of “angels” in your Deviant art gallery with some fantastic imagery– what’s the influence in creating so many angel figures?
MK: I have always been a spiritual person, but not particularly religious. Angels, specifically archangels, are one of the mystical creatures that fascinate me. I have heard them described as both terrible and beautiful, having envisioned them that way myself.  That is such an elusive, ethereal combination to try and capture in an image. I feel as if I never quite capture it, so I feel compelled to keep trying.

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Populating our Digital Worlds

Populating our Digital Worlds

The three artists we’ve interviewed for last month’s edition of 3D Art Direct’s premium magazine had one thing in common; they were blown away by the capabilities of 3D art, even with the early software tools they’d encountered. They could create an entire world and control everything in it, even before breakfast—and not many hobbies allow that.

This month we concentrate on artwork that incorporates figures (human or otherwise) into a scene, that gives an image so much more impact. The life-likeness of human figures in 3D graphics was a thorny issue in the beginning. A human figure doesn’t bode well for limited processing power and pixels—too many complex joints, curves and blemishes to deal with. However with the advent of Poser, the first kernel of it developed by Larry Weinberg in the late 80s, a digital manikin maker was suddenly available for the amateur artist. It added a great element of fun into imaging—especially with all the clothing and scene props you could integrate into a scene.

I first came across Poser when version 5 came out of the stable. My very first renders with figures used Mojoworld to create the scene (see images from the planet Masella in this issue) and I was enthralled.… Read the rest

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Interview with Juan Rodriguez : "Elves and Goblins" – digital fantasy art

Interview with Juan Rodriguez : "Elves and Goblins" – digital fantasy art

Juan is a 31 year old digital artist who lives in Pamplona, Northern Spain and we interview him concerning his fantasy art. He presents some of the stories behind his pictures, what inspires him for his imagary and some quick tips for those just starting out in 3D digital art. Read this insightful interview, see Juan’s art portfolio and others in our premium content magazine, to be published later this month.

Here’s an excerpt:-

“This is somewhat one of my favourite images. It Is not the best technically, but it’s very personal. A lot of times, your job reflects your mood. I’m from Zaragoza, a city in the north of Spain. But i have lived in six more towns, changing friends and homes every six or seven years.

Past deals with time. Nothing stays the same, the world is moving forward and when you return several years later where you came from you may discover that nothing is like you remembered or wanted to remember.

In the image, two adventurers return to one of their homelands, just to discover that the castle where he was born is now just a ruin.”

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