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3DAD 006 : How to create character digital art with impact: Interview with Deedee Davies on Poser Pro and Photoshop

In this session I interview a British artist called Deedee Davies who creates some outstanding artwork with Carrara Pro, Vue, Poser Pro and Photoshop.

Have you ever wondered how to create art with impact, especially for media such as book covers? Deedee reveals some tips on this and other great resources as she talks about her artwork.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Deedee and take a look at her portfolio at www.3dfantasyart.co.uk/

You can download the podcast

      1. here

In the interview we cover:-

  • How to create art with impact. Does less really mean more? eBook covers Vs physical book covers.
  • Trying to gain decent colour palettes in your scenes; using complementary colours. Deedee mentions the tool http://colorschemedesigner.com/ 
  • “Too little emotion and your character looks like a shop window dummy, too much and they look crazed.”. Using the Liquify tool in Photoshop to overcome this.
  • What was it like for Deedee when she gained her first commissions and in helping to sell stories and novels for authors with her book cover artwork?.
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3DAD 004 : Creating steampunk art with Poser Pro 2012 – Interview with digital artist Suzi Amberson

Suzi Amberson is from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. She worked in the Insurance industry for 24 years before discovering a passion for digital art. Once Suzi realized she was not following her intended path she took a huge leap of faith and left the Insurance business to pursue her enthusiasm for creating 3D art.

Suzi is a self-taught artist. She started out with Poser 6 in 2007. Her CG toolbox has expanded over the past few years and now includes Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5 Extended, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, Marvelous Designer 2, Hexagon and Bryce as her tools of choice.

She entered her first official art contest in 2009 over on the Daz3D website. The challenge was to create an image in the spirit of the infamous fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta. The final judging was conducted by Frank Frazetta Jr. One of her entries took third place and fuelled her desire to pursue 3D art as she sought to add interest and depth to her spectacular body of work.

We interview her for Session 4 of the podcast which you can

      1. download here
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3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17

3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17 – Digital Art Collaborations

Creating digital art, although rewarding, can be a solitary experience – it’s just you and your workstation . All those hours can be burned away and you may have your next masterpiece ready to upload, but there hasn’t been another human soul in the process.

So what about collaborating with another artist on a project? This offers the advantage of bringing together additional strengths to a creation. For example, one artist may be excellent with landscapes or starscapes, another may have good experience with Poser figures – so combining this example of skills could really generate something eye-catching.

For issue 17, my assistant editor Mickey Mills spotted an excellent collaborative project entitled “ExtraSolar” by Björn Malmberg and Ryan Malone and a great interview ensued. Initially the partnership was to just last with one image, but they soon recognized a lot more scenes and stories could be created under the umbrella of “ExtraSolar”, the project was named by Björn. The joint venture between Björn from Sweden and Ryan from North Carolina in the States worked well, with both having similar mind-sets on where they wanted to go with the artwork. The only real challenge was the six hour time difference, prompting them to work on weekends, rather than work day nights.… Read the rest

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Three recommended digital art book resources for Photoshop, 3ds Max and Digital Painting


Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook

This book really impressed me and keeps me coming back to plumb it for more tricks: that’s Tim Shelbourne’s “Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook”. I bought the CS2 edition, but I think the CS3 update is the latest.

What’s made this volume stand out for me is the utility of its chosen subjects and the non-obvious sophistication of its “recipes”. So many Photoshop effects tips are simple, like apply a filter and then change the layer blending mode. The effects in this book are far more complex and nuanced, but rewards you with superior results.

One example is this. People often ask “how can I make a photo look like a painting or pencil drawing with Photoshop”, and too many times the simplistic answer lends a finished product that misses the mark and screams “Photoshop filter”! But not in this book. Their recipes for oil painting or pencil drawing simulations aren’t “one-button” solutions, but they’re complex enough to allow the results to not only emulate the mediums but also represent some reflection of the artist’s skill.

Other helpful recipes include techniques for replicating high and low key photo effects, converting a photo to an Art Nouveau image, simulating watercolor painting, creating a randomized starfield, adding flames, simulating rain and water droplets, creating lightning, adding snow to a summer scene, turning a daylight street into a night time scene, faking an IR photo effect, turning a figure image to stone, various border effects, mock pen and ink techniques, and lots more.… Read the rest

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Encounter a cornerstone digital artist: Chuck Carter – illustrator for Myst


Chuck carter originally wanted to be an astronaut, but with maths skills sorely lacking, he switched to art and eventually digital arts when the medium became available.
He was one of a small community of Mac users in the late 80s that were exploring the new frontier of digital arts, including Kai Krause. Chuck is most well known as being one of the illustrators for Myst, a landmark graphical adventure game that sold in the millions. His focus is now on the production of interactive worlds for children which will be delivered via the iPad.
Read the full interview in the September edition of 3D Art Direct.

Myst lives on as an open source on-line game at mystonline.com

3DAD:  Thomas and John Knoll brought out Photoshop version 1.0 in the late 80s – it must have been quite an interesting early community of artists back then, being that John Knoll worked for Industrial Light and Magic. Did you get involved with this early community – who were some of your peers at the time and what did they work on?

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