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3DAD 030 : New features of Terragen 3.2 – Interview with Oshyan Greene from Planetside Software

I am very pleased to introduce Oshyan Greene, the business manager of Planetside Software, which produces the highly regarded Terragen 3, a powerful solution for rendering and animating realistic natural environments. In this session we’re going to discuss the features of a new update for Terragen 3.

Terragen 3 Frank Basinski

Image by Frank Basinski

In this session we learn

– Highlights for Planetside and Terragen 3 during 2014

– All about new glass shader.

– Stereo camera handling and support of the Oculus Rift.

(The Rift is an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, being developed by Oculus VR)

– A fisheye lens can now be applied in Terragen 3.2, we discuss uses for the fisheye in Terragen.

– More control over cloud shapes can be applied in 3.2 with the “Taper top and base” parameter.

– Notable media productions created by Terragen 3

– Plans for Terragen and Planetside in 2015

Download the Podcast MP3 File

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Premium Resources for Terragen 2 and 3 from New World Digital Art.… Read the rest

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Read Issue 36 : “Across the Universe” – Discover 12 Stunning Images of Imagined Worlds in Matthew Attard’s 2014 Calendar

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Interview : Matthew Attard

We reach into 2014 with Matthew’s calendar project – “Across the Universe”, visiting twelve stunning worlds born from his imagination using Vue.

Interview : Tobias Richter

Can a hobby in computer games and graphics lead to a notable visual effects business? Yes it can! Tobias Richter directly had that experience and his business “The Light Works” is now used by large clients such as Atari, CBS Digital and LucasArts.

Interview : Oshyan Greene

Oshyan Greene from Planetside Software shares the features and benefits of the new Terragen 3 Professional landscape generation software. He talks in detail about render layers, new global illumination surface details option, depth of field with noise reduction, population instance modification and spherical camera. Terragen 3 was used in last years sci-fi films of Elysium and Oblivion.



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3DAD 019 : New Terragen 3 Professional with Oshyan Greene from Planetside Software



In this session of the podcast, we’re pleased to interview Oshyan Greene, business manager at Planetside Software on the new release of Terragen 3 Professional.

Download and listen to the podcast

      1. here

      2. http://traffic.libsyn.com/3dartdirect/Session19.mp3

For those of you who don’t know much about Terragen, I can tell you that If you like the idea of applying 3D graphics to create photo-realistic natural environments, then Terragen is definitely for you. Another upside of this software is if you go to planetside.co.uk and go to the products section, there is a free pre-release edition of Terragen 3.

In this session we talk with Oshyan on:-

– The build-up for the release of Terragen 3 and som of the early feedback of T3 as features of it became public.… Read the rest

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Read Issue 24 : Terragen Special – Interviews and Galleries with Five Top Digital Landscape Artists

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This issue of 3D Art Direct is dedicated to Terragen. All interviews are conducted with those who are heavily involved in the Terragen universe. I’m very proud to include the transcript of the interview we did with Oshyan Greene, who is Planetside’s (who are the creators of Terragen Classic and Terragen 2) business manager.

I give special thanks to New World Digital Arts who have assisted us to bring interviews with some incredible landscape artists that generously shared their portfolios and lives as Terragen artists.

Editorial : Tribute to Gerry Anderson

Interview : Oshyan Greene

Planetside’s business manager takes us on a tour of how Terragen started, the capabilities of Terragen 2 and how it has been developed to meet production needs of effects studios.

Interview : Ulco Glimmerveen

Replicating natural phenomena, recreating archaeological sites and providing outstanding artwork of our natural world, Ulco (AKA Dune) takes us through some of the best work from his portfolio created with Terragen 2.… Read the rest

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