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Issue 38 of 3D Art Direct

Read Issue 38/39 of 3D Art Direct : Double Issue New Look Magazine!

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Issue 38 of 3D Art Direct

Issue 38 of 3D Art Direct

“If change is inevitable, predictable, beneficial, doesn’t logic demand that you be a part of it?”
Star Trek’s Captain Kirk talking to Spock from “Mirror, Mirror”

I’m very pleased to introduce you to our change and new look for the 3D Art Direct magazine.

With a cleaner, fresher look and a tighter consistency in the design throughout, we still wish to maintain the focus on what we do best. It’s all about sharing the stories of creativity through our in-depth interviews with some amazing artists and content creators, straight from the genres of science fiction and fantasy art.

As you read these narratives, we very much hope that you gain inspiration from the passion and hard won battles that you’ll learn from these interviews, and most of all we hope that muse leads to action in creating your own amazing artwork.

In this issue:-


3d Art Direct talks 3d tailoring with ‘Xurge’, maker of the finest quality character suits.… Read the rest

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The Artwork of Lewis Moorcroft : Astral Realms

Since 2003, Lewis Moorcroft has  been impassioned with digital art, with the use of Pandromeda’s Mojoworld.  He has produced an extraordinary portfolio which has now been extended with new artwork and music showcased at his new website “Astral Realm”.


Lewis Moorcroft

Here we re-publish our interview with Lewis from Issue 17 of 3D Art Direct.

3DAD: What inspired the creation of your new Astral Realm website? Was it an idea that you’ve harbored for a long time?
LM: In a word – yes. I forget when exactly, but maybe about three years ago the idea came into my head  – I wanted to re-invigorate my portfolio by taking it the next level with my next-generation artwork, as well as incorporate another ‘bedroom’ hobby for mine – being a DJ. My first site has done well over the years and I will keep it up so that the content will always be accessible (I may even update it with the odd WIP or anything that doesn’t make it to the Astral Realm site), but it was time to move things on.

Read the rest
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Read Issue 28 : 3D Shipbuilding, Curious Imagery with Vue and Planetary Exploration with Mojoworld

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Editorial: How to make a sci-fi series : The Making of CAS Nobility

The creation of a single static scene in 3D can be time consuming, but when stepping up to animation it certainly takes a great deal of extra resources. But what about the making of a whole science fiction series? It’s an ambitious and exciting project to undertake and 3D Art Direct will be following the creation of this venture. It’s called C.A.S. Nobility–with the tagline of “These are not the heroes you are looking for”. It’s also dubbed “The Office in Space” – which indicates it is a drama/comedy or a “dramedy”. The story is set 700 years from now and it’s about the starship “C.A.S. Nobility”, Humanity’s most powerful starship yet crewed with people that are anything but noble.… Read the rest

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Read Issue 26 : Special Bonus Compilation – Seven In-Depth Interviews with 3D Digital Artists

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This issue of 3D Art Direct is a special compilation of some of the best interviews we undertook in the earlier editions of the magazine. There are 106 pages of outstanding gallery artwork and interview text with these seven great artists shown below.

Here a snippet of our interview with Artur Rosa (Vue)

3DAD: If there was one function you could add to Vue that it currently doesn’t have – what would that be?!
AR: A “Cloud Painter”. I would like to have the possibility to paint clouds in the sky in the same way as we can now paint materials in terrains or paint trees in a field.
3DAD: What was one of your first “breakthrough” images that you published, where you started to get a lot more feedback and more notice for your work?

AR: “Assassin”, from November 2007, was the first. This was my first image that was used by e-on in a marketing initiative (in Siggraph 2008, I think).

Read the rest
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3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17

3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17 – Digital Art Collaborations

Creating digital art, although rewarding, can be a solitary experience – it’s just you and your workstation . All those hours can be burned away and you may have your next masterpiece ready to upload, but there hasn’t been another human soul in the process.

So what about collaborating with another artist on a project? This offers the advantage of bringing together additional strengths to a creation. For example, one artist may be excellent with landscapes or starscapes, another may have good experience with Poser figures – so combining this example of skills could really generate something eye-catching.

For issue 17, my assistant editor Mickey Mills spotted an excellent collaborative project entitled “ExtraSolar” by Björn Malmberg and Ryan Malone and a great interview ensued. Initially the partnership was to just last with one image, but they soon recognized a lot more scenes and stories could be created under the umbrella of “ExtraSolar”, the project was named by Björn. The joint venture between Björn from Sweden and Ryan from North Carolina in the States worked well, with both having similar mind-sets on where they wanted to go with the artwork. The only real challenge was the six hour time difference, prompting them to work on weekends, rather than work day nights.… Read the rest

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Discover Digital Worlds of Stunning Scenery created by Alexander Nikolaev

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  • Spirit of Mars
    Spirit of Mars
  • Planet Chasma
    Planet Chasma
  • Zorba Desert
    Zorba Desert
  • Destroyer 2
    Destroyer 2
  • Sandy Waves
    Sandy Waves
  • Ice Land
    Ice Land
  • Amodeus
  • Heavenly Knights
    Heavenly Knights
  • Pteranos River
    Pteranos River
  • Sunrise
  • Cataclysm 2
    Cataclysm 2

Alexander Nikolaev is all the way from Krasno-yarsk, Siberia in Russia. He is a self confessed science-fiction enthusiast and this fervour is reflected in the high quality of his digital art created with Pandromeda’s Mojoworld. He speaks about how he became involved with 3D digital art and talks us through some of the making of his portfolio. The following interview is taken from Issue 3 of 3D Art Direct.

Prolific Mojoworld Artist


To get a free Mojoworld Viewer or 30 day demo of the full Mojoworld product, then you can download them from the original Pandromeda website


3DAD: Tell me about yourself. Where are you from?

Read the rest
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Interview with Mojoworld Artist Jeff Hindmarsh

Interview with Mojoworld Artist Jeff Hindmarsh

"Pecking Order" by Jeff Hindmarsh

We had the opportunity to interview Jeff Hindmarsh AKA “Jaybeeh” at Renderosity, who lives in Newcastle, the city of his birth. He uses several different programs including Mojoworld, Photoshop, CS4, ZBrush, Xenodream, Shade 7 and Poser to produce his final images consisting of Fantasy and some abstract work.

The full interview with Jeff will be in the forthcoming April edition of 3D Art Direct magazine.

3DAD: You dabbled with pencil, ink and watercolor mostly, then what influenced you to take up digital art and when did you get started?

Jaybeeh: I bought my first computer in 2003. With the help of a few magazines I taught myself the basics of using the computer from the free disc on one of these mags. I sampled an early version of the app “Paint Shop Pro”. This was my first introduction to “Digital Art”. After a couple of months experimenting with the app I was hooked. Using the local Library, magazines and the Internet I then went on to discover as much as I could about all forms of Digital Art.

3DAD: What were some of your initial challenges in creating digital art and how did you overcome these challenges?

Read the rest
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Mojoworld – A 3D Digital Art Planet Creator

What is Mojoworld?

MojoWorld aims to take landscape design a stage further than Bryce, enabling you to produce not just individual landscapes, but entire planets. The grand concept is that everything is created procedurally, so once you set up the parameters for your planet, it will look good whether you view it as a globe from space or zoom in to a single rock outcrop.  You don’t so much create pictures in MojoWorld as geological and atmospheric conditions, even moons and ring systems. You then explore your world to find a vantage point to plant your virtual camera and render the image.  Exploring can be done in a walk, plane or UFO mode.

Even though Mojoworld is older 3d art software (it may yet evolve into something more powerful), it was an important landmark on the map of 3d software, especially since the author of it was Ken Musgrove who underpinned the original Bryce (which created single landscapes) with his work on using fractals for 3d art.

Our premium magazine will feature resources to download  Mojworld planets and has an article that traces the application’s history. For now here are a few Mojoworld images to whet your appetite, which are also featured in our FREE mini mag.… Read the rest

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Free 3D Digital Art Mini Magazine

With an ailing BBC Micro B computer and a short textbook on 3D geometry, I created a crude wire mesh landscape—my first 3D digital world slowly rendered into being in 1986.

Despite the graphical simplicity, the notion of creating any landscape from scratch, albeit empty of any detail, was greatly appealing.  Perhaps it was all those wire frame flight simulators written for the 8 bit processors of the day that inspired me. Or was it the 1983 release of the landmark Atari “Star Wars” 3D vector graphics game that first sparked my imagination? “How did they do that?” I asked. “Could I fit one in my bedroom?” I also asked. Luckily the game was ported to the 8 bit computer world soon after it’s release.

Nowadays 3D graphics pervade our media. The hardware and software  to create realistic looking 3D artwork  has come within the reach  of many more of us.  Bryce , using fractal geometry, appeared in 1994 for the Apple Mac and was a quantum leap forward for digital artists.  It was an impressive tool for creating realistic landscapes with the kernel created by Ken Musgrave (who later created Mojoworld).

Our free mini magazine  is designed to inspire and stimulate with the world of 3D digital art.… Read the rest

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