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Read Issue 26 : Special Bonus Compilation – Seven In-Depth Interviews with 3D Digital Artists

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This issue of 3D Art Direct is a special compilation of some of the best interviews we undertook in the earlier editions of the magazine. There are 106 pages of outstanding gallery artwork and interview text with these seven great artists shown below.

Here a snippet of our interview with Artur Rosa (Vue)

3DAD: If there was one function you could add to Vue that it currently doesn’t have – what would that be?!
AR: A “Cloud Painter”. I would like to have the possibility to paint clouds in the sky in the same way as we can now paint materials in terrains or paint trees in a field.
3DAD: What was one of your first “breakthrough” images that you published, where you started to get a lot more feedback and more notice for your work?

AR: “Assassin”, from November 2007, was the first. This was my first image that was used by e-on in a marketing initiative (in Siggraph 2008, I think).

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3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 15

3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 15

Issue 15 Now Published!

Click the above cover image to read.


What makes good sci-fi cover art?

Tribute: Peter Elson

His stunning sci-fi cover art was an illustrative benchmark in the 70s and 80s.

Interview: Chris Hecker

“The creative process is always ‘work’ for me. It’s a certain kind of work. It’s rewarding.

Christmas Galleries

Melissa Krauss, Artur Rosa, and Arthur Dorety comment on their Christmas Gallery entires and reveal their inspirations.

Interview: Susanne Korff-Knoblauch

“Most of the women I portray are the heroes in my stories or my original characters from the games I’m playing…these women often are mages or adventurers and actually live a life not for the faint of heart.”… Read the rest

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Read Issue #2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

Read Issue #2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

We’ve just published the 2nd premium edition of 3D Art direct magazine. It includes three gallery-rich interviews with some top Vue artists.

This month’s content includes:-

Introduction to Poser – The original digital human figure software
DAZ Studio 3 summary – Free 3D figure scene setting studio
Resources – Links list of FREE 3D digital art software
Jacob Charles Dietz interview – Sci-fi master artist reviews his portfolio.
PLANSURV Log 2 – Serialised sci-fi illustrative mini story
Melissa Krauss interview – Poser artist extraordinaire
Mark Stevenson interview – Reveals his passion for Vue and fractal art
Mojoworld planet – Gallery and content to download. Explore a complete planet by downloading this Mojoworld file!

Purchase and read on-line the 2nd edition here:-

Read the Premium edition of 3D Art Direct Magazine #2

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Who else wants to sell digital art to Steve Wozniak?

Who else wants to sell digital art to Steve Wozniak?

Do you want to generate the type of 3D digital artwork that would sell to a collector such as Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple inc?

Our lead interview in issue 2 of 3DAD Premium magazine is with Jacob Charles Dietz. One of his acheivements is the sale of his piece “Urban Angel” to the personal art collection of Steve Wozniak.

In our interview with Jacob, we find out some of his inspirations, techniques and also the beginnings of how he entered into the realms of digital art.

We also interview Melissa Krauss, a well known Poser artist who publishes a wide gamut of strong female characters. We include some of the best items from her portfolio and discover that one of her key influences in her work is text based role playing games.

Discover these interviews and more in issue 2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine:-

Read the Premium edition of 3D Art Direct Magazine #2Read the rest

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