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Interview with Pierre Chartier – From Photography to Digital Landscapes

Pierre Chartier is a relative newcomer to 3D digital art. Well known and respected in Canada for his work as Director of Photography in the television and entertainment industry, and an award winning director, he moved into the music arena to nurture talent using exotic wind instruments. In 2008, he because familiar with ArtMatic Voyager, and then moved on to Terragen 2.


Pierre brought his photographic and directorial eye into the virtual arena, and not long after starting out, he won a third place finish in the NWDA Roadside contest several years ago. His experience in looking through a lens, and his exposure to the majestic landscapes of Canada and Quebec allow him to create photorealistic landscapes that can easily fool the eye!

Helpful links:

Pierre Chartier MySpace

Cherry Blossom Rock

3DA: We would like to welcome Pierre Chartier (aka Jo Kariboo) – NWDA’s Roadside Challenge 3rd Place winner! Pierre, great to have you with us. Congratulations on making it in the top three! The entries in this challenge were impressive to say the least. What was your reaction on your 3rd place win?

PC: First, I would like to thank 3D ART Direct for this interview. Personally I was surprised to win a prize and excited at the same time.… Read the rest

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Issue 41 of 3D Art Direct

Read Issue 41 of 3D Art Direct : Vivid Mandelbulb 3D Art and Import Real World Landscapes into Vue

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 Issue 41 of 3D Art Direct

It’s our new look for the 3D Art Direct magazine.

With a cleaner, fresher look and a tighter consistency in the design throughout, we still wish to maintain the focus on what we do best. It’s all about sharing the stories of creativity through our in-depth interviews with some amazing artists and content creators, straight from the genres of science fiction and fantasy art.

As you read these narratives, we very much hope that you gain inspiration from the passion and hard won battles that you’ll learn from these interviews, and most of all we hope that muse leads to action in creating your own amazing artwork.

In this issue:-

3d Art Direct interviews the Belgian sci-fi cityscape and landscape artist about his visions.

3d Art Direct talks with a Mandelbulb master from London, and delves into the depths of fractal art.

3d Art Direct shows Vue users how to easily use free real-world landscapes in their art.… Read the rest

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3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 15

3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 15

Issue 15 Now Published!

Click the above cover image to read.


What makes good sci-fi cover art?

Tribute: Peter Elson

His stunning sci-fi cover art was an illustrative benchmark in the 70s and 80s.

Interview: Chris Hecker

“The creative process is always ‘work’ for me. It’s a certain kind of work. It’s rewarding.

Christmas Galleries

Melissa Krauss, Artur Rosa, and Arthur Dorety comment on their Christmas Gallery entires and reveal their inspirations.

Interview: Susanne Korff-Knoblauch

“Most of the women I portray are the heroes in my stories or my original characters from the games I’m playing…these women often are mages or adventurers and actually live a life not for the faint of heart.”… Read the rest

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Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 12 now Available


Printed Edition

Issue 12 Premium Edition

By Paul Bussey in 3D Art Direct

52 pages, published 4 SEP 2011

3D digital arts magazine specialising in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. We interview selected artists and discover their portfolios and stories through exclusive interviews. Editorial: The State of the CG Industry. Interview : Jenni Sjöberg – “I do try to make sure the characters I create are strong, capable and just generally “kicking ass” type women. I sometimes scare my boyfriend with some of them though.”. Interview : Chuck Carter On the deve…
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Read Issue 9 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

Read Issue 9 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

Issue 9 is available is now available to read in print and as an on-line edition. There is an early bird price for the printed edition ($2 discount) held for 3 days only until this Sunday 5th of June.

This month’s edition includes:-

  • Review of CityEngine software—create detailed procedural urban environments with a few clicks.
  • Interview : Luca Oleastri Professional Italian digital artist from Innovari – sci fi illustrator.
  • Interview : Tony Meszaros from Realms Art- interview with one of the first and popular Cornucopia3D store vendors for Vue.
  • Interview : Arthur Dorety Rich portfolio of digital dragon artwork.
  • Interview: Dave Orchid Extraordinary worlds formed from Mojoworld’s landscape software.

Issue 9 Premium Edition

3D Art Direct Issue 9:

3D Digital Arts magazine. Be inspired by 3D digital art and explore the rich portfolios of select digital artists through our interviews with them. Review of CityEngine software—create detailed procedural urban environments with a few clicks. Interview : Luca Oleastri Professional Italian digital artist from Innovari.Interview : Tony Meszaros Professional 3D model creations from Realms Art for Vue.Interview : Arthur DoretyRich portfoli…
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Jacob Charles Dietz Interview

Steve Wozniak has bought art from him and he’s been published in the digital arts crème de la crème annuals EXPOSÉ 7 and 8. Who is this international artist that lives in the Arizona desert and publishes exceptional future noir and science fiction imagery?

Meet Charles Jacob Dietz in our key interview for this month’s premium edition of the 3D Art Direct magazine, out on the 29th August.

Attached are a few pieces of his work that we’ve quizzed him about during the interview and here are a few free snippets from the interview text:-

3DAD: What first led you into your interest in being an artist and illustrator? Was it an influence at a young age?
JCD: It was definitely at a young age. As a kid I used to drool over the cool role playing games in the window of our local gaming store, so as soon as I was old enough to understand the gameplay I became totally infatuated with them. Aside from actually playing, I loved the drawings like those from the old Star Frontiers game and many others, so before too long I was drawing my own characters, environments and vehicles, all the while trying to emulate the classic style of the great artists who’s work embellished the game modules.

Read the rest
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Win "Create 3D Like a Superhero book" with included software

Win "Create 3D Like a Superhero book" with included software

This 120 page book will walk you through creating photo realistic 3D scenes using Vue or the included Vue Pioneer SE software.

You’ll get up to speed fast, creating landscapes and vistas in the beginning chapters, and then in later chapters you’ll learn more advanced techniques, such as modeling in Vue and interior lighting setups. You won’t want to miss the Scene Setup Magic chapters which contain the KEYS to creating successful and virtual photo renders, all explained clearly and in detail by Vue’s own comic characters.

It has over 500 renders and illustrations printed on glossy paper with a rigid paper cover.


Submit a rendered image to us based on the theme “Superhero” by the 22nd of August 2010. Render the image to at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

We’ll select the best image and send a copy of the book (worth $30) to the winner and publish the winning image in our next premium issue and on this blog.… Read the rest

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