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The Artwork of Lewis Moorcroft : Astral Realms

Since 2003, Lewis Moorcroft has  been impassioned with digital art, with the use of Pandromeda’s Mojoworld.  He has produced an extraordinary portfolio which has now been extended with new artwork and music showcased at his new website “Astral Realm”.


Lewis Moorcroft

Here we re-publish our interview with Lewis from Issue 17 of 3D Art Direct.

3DAD: What inspired the creation of your new Astral Realm website? Was it an idea that you’ve harbored for a long time?
LM: In a word – yes. I forget when exactly, but maybe about three years ago the idea came into my head  – I wanted to re-invigorate my portfolio by taking it the next level with my next-generation artwork, as well as incorporate another ‘bedroom’ hobby for mine – being a DJ. My first site has done well over the years and I will keep it up so that the content will always be accessible (I may even update it with the odd WIP or anything that doesn’t make it to the Astral Realm site), but it was time to move things on.

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Read Issue 26 : Special Bonus Compilation – Seven In-Depth Interviews with 3D Digital Artists

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This issue of 3D Art Direct is a special compilation of some of the best interviews we undertook in the earlier editions of the magazine. There are 106 pages of outstanding gallery artwork and interview text with these seven great artists shown below.

Here a snippet of our interview with Artur Rosa (Vue)

3DAD: If there was one function you could add to Vue that it currently doesn’t have – what would that be?!
AR: A “Cloud Painter”. I would like to have the possibility to paint clouds in the sky in the same way as we can now paint materials in terrains or paint trees in a field.
3DAD: What was one of your first “breakthrough” images that you published, where you started to get a lot more feedback and more notice for your work?

AR: “Assassin”, from November 2007, was the first. This was my first image that was used by e-on in a marketing initiative (in Siggraph 2008, I think).

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3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17

3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 17 – Digital Art Collaborations

Creating digital art, although rewarding, can be a solitary experience – it’s just you and your workstation . All those hours can be burned away and you may have your next masterpiece ready to upload, but there hasn’t been another human soul in the process.

So what about collaborating with another artist on a project? This offers the advantage of bringing together additional strengths to a creation. For example, one artist may be excellent with landscapes or starscapes, another may have good experience with Poser figures – so combining this example of skills could really generate something eye-catching.

For issue 17, my assistant editor Mickey Mills spotted an excellent collaborative project entitled “ExtraSolar” by Björn Malmberg and Ryan Malone and a great interview ensued. Initially the partnership was to just last with one image, but they soon recognized a lot more scenes and stories could be created under the umbrella of “ExtraSolar”, the project was named by Björn. The joint venture between Björn from Sweden and Ryan from North Carolina in the States worked well, with both having similar mind-sets on where they wanted to go with the artwork. The only real challenge was the six hour time difference, prompting them to work on weekends, rather than work day nights.… Read the rest

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