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How to Sell Your Digital Art. What would you like to know?


Would you like a “How to Guide” to help you sell your digital art?

If so, we’d like to help you by producing a comprehensive and professional guide on how to do this. You could be sitting on artworks in your portfolio that could attract the attention of a market and earn enough commision to at least pay for your time and resources in creating it. Beyond this you might want to earn enough money to upgrade your hardware and getting that higher end software package to take you to the next level of creativity. Ultimately you may have the goal of earning enough to make a full time living as a digital artist.

In 3D Art Direct magazine, we’ve interviewed some professional artists where they have talked about their journey of getting to that professional level -which may help you with getting to the same place. Discover their stories in these back issues of 3D Art Direct magazine and accept a complementary 20% discount code of ‘goingpro’ for the on-line value editions.

Chipp Walters (issue 1)

Chuck Carter (issue 12)

Jacob Charles Dietz (issue 2)

Luca Oleastri (issue 9)

What would help you most in your endeavour to reach one of these goals?… Read the rest

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Read Issue #2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

Read Issue #2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

We’ve just published the 2nd premium edition of 3D Art direct magazine. It includes three gallery-rich interviews with some top Vue artists.

This month’s content includes:-

Introduction to Poser – The original digital human figure software
DAZ Studio 3 summary – Free 3D figure scene setting studio
Resources – Links list of FREE 3D digital art software
Jacob Charles Dietz interview – Sci-fi master artist reviews his portfolio.
PLANSURV Log 2 – Serialised sci-fi illustrative mini story
Melissa Krauss interview – Poser artist extraordinaire
Mark Stevenson interview – Reveals his passion for Vue and fractal art
Mojoworld planet – Gallery and content to download. Explore a complete planet by downloading this Mojoworld file!

Purchase and read on-line the 2nd edition here:-

Read the Premium edition of 3D Art Direct Magazine #2

Read the rest

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Who else wants to sell digital art to Steve Wozniak?

Who else wants to sell digital art to Steve Wozniak?

Do you want to generate the type of 3D digital artwork that would sell to a collector such as Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple inc?

Our lead interview in issue 2 of 3DAD Premium magazine is with Jacob Charles Dietz. One of his acheivements is the sale of his piece “Urban Angel” to the personal art collection of Steve Wozniak.

In our interview with Jacob, we find out some of his inspirations, techniques and also the beginnings of how he entered into the realms of digital art.

We also interview Melissa Krauss, a well known Poser artist who publishes a wide gamut of strong female characters. We include some of the best items from her portfolio and discover that one of her key influences in her work is text based role playing games.

Discover these interviews and more in issue 2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine:-

Read the Premium edition of 3D Art Direct Magazine #2Read the rest

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Jacob Charles Dietz Interview

Steve Wozniak has bought art from him and he’s been published in the digital arts crème de la crème annuals EXPOSÉ 7 and 8. Who is this international artist that lives in the Arizona desert and publishes exceptional future noir and science fiction imagery?

Meet Charles Jacob Dietz in our key interview for this month’s premium edition of the 3D Art Direct magazine, out on the 29th August.

Attached are a few pieces of his work that we’ve quizzed him about during the interview and here are a few free snippets from the interview text:-

3DAD: What first led you into your interest in being an artist and illustrator? Was it an influence at a young age?
JCD: It was definitely at a young age. As a kid I used to drool over the cool role playing games in the window of our local gaming store, so as soon as I was old enough to understand the gameplay I became totally infatuated with them. Aside from actually playing, I loved the drawings like those from the old Star Frontiers game and many others, so before too long I was drawing my own characters, environments and vehicles, all the while trying to emulate the classic style of the great artists who’s work embellished the game modules.

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