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Interview with Terragen 2 artist John Robertson

Our forthcoming premium issue of 3D Art Direct includes an interview with Scottish Terragen artist John Robertson, known as “WeeLaddie” at Renderosity.

He started out with using Bryce and now uses Terragen 2 to craft his landscapes.

Here’s an excerpt from the forthcoming interview:-

3DAD: Did your photography hobby come before digital art? Have skills from this hobby helped to how you set the scenes in your rendered images?
JR: I’ve always been a bit of a snapper, no more than that. Although I did take my photography a bit more seriously when I moved to the Isle of Bute, and purchased my first digital camera. I have a wonderful vantage point from my balcony which is ideal for photographing the ships which pass beneath it. Photography helps me appreciate point of view (pov) and composition in my 3d landscaping scenes.
3DAD: You live on the island of Bute, Scotland. Has the scenery from your home influenced your landscape art with Terragen? Are there any art pieces you have done where you have mimicked actual scenery from near you home?
JR: Most of my scenes don’t relate to Scottish terrain features. Indeed most of my scenes involve desert or barren settings.

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We interview Fabrice Delage : First-Class Poser Artist

We are very pleased to include an interview with Fabrice Delage in this month’s premum edition of 3D Art Direct, to be published Thursday 30th of September.

Fabrice has made waves with the extraordinary realism that he has created with his Poser digital artwork. Here are a few examples:-

Here’s a segment from our interview with Fabrice:-

3DAD: Who were your first mentors or artists that inspired you the most as you started out?
Koji Yamagami, Liam Kemp and Alceu Baptistao with their efforts to create realistic images, have been and still are a great inspiration for me.

3DAD: Has imaging the human form always been your main motivation in the creation of your artwork?

FD: I love the human body and especially the female body. It is a real pleasure to work on the curves and forms of a beautiful woman, even when she is made of polygons.

3DAD: Is your primary goal to gain photo realism with the human form and to push the boundaries in this direction?

FD: My goal in 3D is to make an image as realistic as possible. Be it lights, scene set up, facial expressions, I want to make people forget that it is 3D!

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Interview with Juan Rodriguez : "Elves and Goblins" – digital fantasy art

Interview with Juan Rodriguez : "Elves and Goblins" – digital fantasy art

Juan is a 31 year old digital artist who lives in Pamplona, Northern Spain and we interview him concerning his fantasy art. He presents some of the stories behind his pictures, what inspires him for his imagary and some quick tips for those just starting out in 3D digital art. Read this insightful interview, see Juan’s art portfolio and others in our premium content magazine, to be published later this month.

Here’s an excerpt:-

“This is somewhat one of my favourite images. It Is not the best technically, but it’s very personal. A lot of times, your job reflects your mood. I’m from Zaragoza, a city in the north of Spain. But i have lived in six more towns, changing friends and homes every six or seven years.

Past deals with time. Nothing stays the same, the world is moving forward and when you return several years later where you came from you may discover that nothing is like you remembered or wanted to remember.

In the image, two adventurers return to one of their homelands, just to discover that the castle where he was born is now just a ruin.”

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Interview with Peter Rex

Peter Rex, an outstanding 3D digital artist that regulalry publishes his work in the Cornucopia 3D and Renderosity galleries, shares his insights and inspirations about his images in our premium content magazine, in our artist interview. Here are a few of his noteworthy creations:-

Our premium content magazine is scheduled to be published later this month.… Read the rest

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