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Interview with Pierre Chartier – From Photography to Digital Landscapes

Pierre Chartier is a relative newcomer to 3D digital art. Well known and respected in Canada for his work as Director of Photography in the television and entertainment industry, and an award winning director, he moved into the music arena to nurture talent using exotic wind instruments. In 2008, he because familiar with ArtMatic Voyager, and then moved on to Terragen 2.


Pierre brought his photographic and directorial eye into the virtual arena, and not long after starting out, he won a third place finish in the NWDA Roadside contest several years ago. His experience in looking through a lens, and his exposure to the majestic landscapes of Canada and Quebec allow him to create photorealistic landscapes that can easily fool the eye!

Helpful links:

Pierre Chartier MySpace

Cherry Blossom Rock

3DA: We would like to welcome Pierre Chartier (aka Jo Kariboo) – NWDA’s Roadside Challenge 3rd Place winner! Pierre, great to have you with us. Congratulations on making it in the top three! The entries in this challenge were impressive to say the least. What was your reaction on your 3rd place win?

PC: First, I would like to thank 3D ART Direct for this interview. Personally I was surprised to win a prize and excited at the same time.… Read the rest

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3DAD 021 : The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4 – Book Review with the Author Paolo Ciccone



In this session we interview  Paolo Ciccone with his new book “The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4”.

You can find out more about the book here:-


And the book is also available on Amazon here:-


You can download the MP3 of the podcast

      1. here

Suprisingly, despite the wide reach and community of the DAZ Studio software (it’s a free application), there are not many publications to choose from when it comes to learning the software. Of course, there are the DAZ 3D forums where you can get answers to specific queries, but a complete map and guide to using the sofware in the form of a book will be greatly useful.

The book is aimed at those starting out with DAZ Studio up to the level of mostly intermediate users, but more advanced level users will find gems in here also.

The author, Paolo Ciccone is a software engineer and photographer who now lives in Santa Cruz, California. 

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Read Issue 31 : Discover Three Digital Artistic Visions of the Future

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Interview : Sylvain Chevallier
With Sylvain Chevallier, a Vue artist living and working in France, it is rare to find
the kind of diversity of subject and genre found in Sylvain’s Cornucopia gallery.
Whether he’s rendering a Fastback Mustang, a deep space mission, or an Italian Villa,
it’s obvious he brings a passion for the image regardless of the topic.
Interview : Tarik Keskin
A modern student of the world of architecture and 3D Space, Tarik Keskin studies at
Doğuş University, Istanbul. His futuristic vision of living on Earth and traveling in
space is shared in an outstanding and eye catching style with the help of 3DS Max and
Mental Ray.
Interview : Andy Welder
“There, on sheer endless afternoons, I discovered Sci-Fi and Surrealism…Writers like
Jack Vance, Larry Niven and Isaac Asimov, painters like Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte,
Carel Willink and Escher presented me an alternate reality……those years are the
foundation of my Terragen work”

 Read the rest

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3DAD 016 : Poser Pro Custom Clothing Creation with Sergio Martinez from Xurge3D

Sergio Martinez from Xurge3D creates custom outfits for Poser. As a content creator for Poser, Sergio has invested many years in this application, starting out with Poser 4 back in 1999. His specialisation is in fantasy and sci-fi outfits which fits right in with 3D Art Direct’s coverage of the sci-fi and fantasy genres in the 3D Digital Arts world. We’re very pleased to interview Sergio in this Podcast session and discover his passion for clothing design and providing some outstanding content for Poser. Be sure to visit www.xurge3d.com since there is a deep discount sale at the moment that is due to end very soon.

Ever wondered how to create Poser accessories and clothing? Sergio will reveal step by step how he creates his custom clothing with his three part live webinar conference on Saturday 8th and 9th June 2013. Go to www.3DArtLive.com to register.

Fantasy Ranger

Download the Podcast

      1. here

In this episode we learn:

– What got Sergio hooked into Poser clothing content creation.… Read the rest

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3DAD 008 : Creating 3D Models for Games : Interview with Shaun Williams

My interview this session is with Shaun Williams, who is the king of mass space model production, creating numerous models for the various games software he has worked on through the 20 years of his career.

After listening to the interview, I’d love to know your successes in creating models for games.

You can download the podcast 

      1. here

In association with this I have been reading today that there has been a noteworthy article from the U.K.’s The Independent newspaper announcing that the Museum of Modern Art in New York has publically supported computer games as a form of art. This of course includes 3D games. There has been a lively debate over the last decade of whether games can be described as art. With this announcement from this prestigous New York art museum, then it looks official, that games can be described as art!

Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art will soon see Pac-Man displayed alongside Andy Warhol and Picasso.Read the rest

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Read Issue 22 : Applying the New to the Old – Modern Visual Effects Restoring Original Classics

I was privileged to attend the Star Trek : Destination London convention last weekend, which was remarkable in that all five captains of the franchise attended this one event. As you can imagine it was a large scale convention, held at the London Expo centre and it was a very busy, entertaining and informative day!

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Of particular interest to me was that some of the production staff were present, including Ronald D Moore who was a co-executive producer of Star Trek: Deeps Space Nine (DS9) and the Executive producer of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series (BSG). It was rare access to a high powered producer of two critically acclaimed shows, so I grabbed the microphone during his talk and posed him the following question, which was suggested to me by Jens Reinhart (interviewed in issue 21):-

“If you had the capability of today’s Computer Graphics providing the visual effects for past series such as Deep Space Nine, how would you have done things differently on the show?”

I added the example that the visual effects for the Galactica space scenes were much more natural than those used in the Star Trek franchise.

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3DAD 005 : All About ZBrush with Les Garner from Sixus1 Media and ZBrush Webinar Offer

In this session we interview Les Garner from Sixus1Media which provides a quality set of services for 3D modeling, texturing, rigging & animation.

It is a family run business involving his wife Rebekah and now son in producing content that quite a few of the artists interviewed in the pages of the 3D Art Direct magazine have used and rated highly!

Les has operated his business for over twelve years later, having turned out probably more original figures/characters than anyone else in the business. Prior to getting into digital art and 3d, Les was a comic book illustrator and airbrush artist, which he still provides as services in Sixus1Media today.  And if you look at the content that he produces, it will confirm to you that the character aspect of the work has always the major artistic focus for his business.

In this interview with Les we talk about  Z-Brush, a digital sculpting tool which has superb advantages in creating 3D models.

Most importantly 3D Art Direct and Sixus1Media will be presenting a live webinar for an introduction to using ZBrush. So if you’ve wondered about using this software or have struggled in using the unique interface, this is the webinar for you.… Read the rest

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3DAD 004 : Creating steampunk art with Poser Pro 2012 – Interview with digital artist Suzi Amberson

Suzi Amberson is from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. She worked in the Insurance industry for 24 years before discovering a passion for digital art. Once Suzi realized she was not following her intended path she took a huge leap of faith and left the Insurance business to pursue her enthusiasm for creating 3D art.

Suzi is a self-taught artist. She started out with Poser 6 in 2007. Her CG toolbox has expanded over the past few years and now includes Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5 Extended, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, Marvelous Designer 2, Hexagon and Bryce as her tools of choice.

She entered her first official art contest in 2009 over on the Daz3D website. The challenge was to create an image in the spirit of the infamous fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta. The final judging was conducted by Frank Frazetta Jr. One of her entries took third place and fuelled her desire to pursue 3D art as she sought to add interest and depth to her spectacular body of work.

We interview her for Session 4 of the podcast which you can

      1. download here
Read the rest

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Read Issue 19 : Explore Digital Artwork from 8 Featured Artists and How to Add Realism to Your 3D Digital Models

The problem with virtual models can be that they’re too perfect, too abstract, so how do you overcome this?

Going back to Industrial Light and Magic’s (ILM) early history may provide an answer. When they started out, they had to innovate because the budget for the original Star Wars movie was relatively small. So they employed “Kit Bashing”, using pieces from hundreds of plastic models to build the needed Star Destroyers, Y-Wings and so on for the movie. The bare surfaces of the base models were jammed with pieces of model kits and even the odd plastic soldier – anything to break up the flat planes.

Allegedly, Industrial Light and Magic model-makers originally created the term “greebles”. There’s also an equivalent geeky sounding term banded about “nurnie”.

So “Greebles” were used to make physical models look less bare. Model-makers, whether working with physical models or virtual for that matter, run into the same problem – and can employ the same solution. It’s basically saying they fix the issue by “gluing lots of junk to bare surfaces”.

Issue 19 includes a resource list of Greeble plug-ins for popular 3D art applications to “unperfect” the surface of your virtual models and give them additional realism.… Read the rest

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Cinema 4D: Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and rock solid!

That’s what Fredy Wenzel’s opinion is of Cinema 4D, the main tool in his workflow. The free mini magazine edition of 3D Art Direct has been published and includes a lead interview article with Fredy (Fredy3D on DeviantArt) from Northern Germany. Sign up for our mini magazine now, to read the full interview with Fredy and to discover in detail his workflow with Cinema 4D.

In our premium August edition to be published soon, we hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Chuck Carter, one of the lead artists from the smash adventure game Myst, developed in the 1990s. Myst created a new style of graphical adventure and the artwork produced was landmark for the time and still keeps a firm fan base. The Myst adventure game is now available as an on-line experience here.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from our interview with Fredy.

3DAD: You list your software tools as Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Poser and Vue. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms?
FW: Let’s start with Poser. I could always draw nice technical stuff but drawing humans and animals was always a nightmare. So Poser is a great relief when it comes to pose humans and animals, to cloth humans and to play around with morphs and expressions.

Read the rest
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