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Display your 3D digital art or animations just like a Star Wars hologram


Moving holographic displays like those featured in Star Wars could soon be available to watch on a PC or laptop.

Scientists have overcome a large technological hurdle to produce low-cost but high quality holographic videos a reality.

Until now, the video hologram has largely been confined to the realm of science fiction, the most famous example being the pleading image of Princess Leia “Help me Obi-Wan…” in the first Star Wars film.

Current technologies that project moving holographic images are expensive and do suffer limitations.

The main problem is with components named spatial light modulators, which work on directing light to form points in three dimensional space.

The current technology has restrictions with the display size, viewing angle, frame rate and the depth of image.

But engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new sort of spatial light modulator that now gets rid of most of these problems.

There are estimates that a holographic monitor using the new discoveries could be created for less than $500 (but this excludes the light sources).

The new technology allows a display to go up to half a metre in width and to have a refresh rate at 30Hz.

So can you imagine creating your 3D digital artwork and posting it on a forum to be admired from all angles by your contemporaries?  … Read the rest

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