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Read issue 21 : A Salute to Harry Harrison and Discover Digital Art Styled After Lady Gaga

One of the greatest influences that nudged me into the sci-fi realm was the author Harry Harrison, who sadly passed away last month.

He was a prolific and consistent writer. So prolific that he managed to finish of his memoirs a few days before he died.

The first Harry Harrison books I read were easily discovered on my father’s bookshelf. It was a few books from the Stainless Steel Rat Series. These stories of the independent hero James DiGriz were written in the first person “I”, which caught my attention and sucked me into the narrative more effectively than many other books. The series was styled as tongue in cheek science fiction, but beyond the humour it served me an important example of a cheerful and intelligent protagonist winning against a universe full of silly rules, regulations and boundaries – perfect for a teenager like me at the time that didn’t like the status quo of certain parts of society.

You can read the rest of my salute to Harry in the editorial of this issue’s free 3D Art Direct magazine. We also cover interviews with artists that use Carrara, Daz Studio and Lightwave to amazing effect.

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Tribute to Harry Harrison, sci-fi author of the Deathworld and Stainless Steel Rat series of books.… Read the rest

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