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AlfaSeed : Are Games the Ultimate Creative Output for 3D Digital Art?

Alfa SeeD are two popular digital artists providing exceptional Poser content, who are also aiming their creations towards the game market. They provide a mix of quality science fiction and fantasy content and are one of the most popular vendors on Runtime DNA and describe themselves as “Electronic Performers”. In this interview, republished from Issue 23 of 3D Art Direct, we discover their passion for game artwork and how they’ve continued to evolve as artists despite their many challenges.


3DAD: How was AlfaseeD formed and what were some of your early successes that enabled the company to grow and progress to the next level?

AlfaSeeD: AlfaseeD is the evolution of our previous “AS”, our first being Aery Sense, then Awful Soul and Aery Soul after it.

The Seed of creativity, what spawns amazing fantasies and art is at the root of our work and everything else that we enjoying doing. Alfa (alpha) Seed represent the want and need to bloom (again) and grow (we quit producing content for a year or so).

We re-entered the 3D graphics world as AlfaseeD in March 2011 with the intent of creating wonderful 3D products and game designs, to expand compared to our previous selves.

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ZBrush®, the tool that changed the GAME

As both an enthusiastic gamer and a digital artist I follow closely both the hardware and tool innovations that happen in the computer and digital art worlds.

The digital entertainment business is a huge and varied one, yet, there’s many tools that are used all across the board, whether it’s creating gaming content, working on the next blockbuster movie or just making high-quality 3D content for the masses (as I do).


Among all of them, there’s one that really stands out as game-changing (pun intended): ZBrush®.

ZBrush® is perhaps the program that had the strongest impact on the 3D digital entertainment world since its release in the early 2000, although it did take a few years for it to become a full-fledged application.

Pixologic®’s tool allows artists (both modelers and texturers alike) to go beyond the limits set by hardware and gaming engines, adding details that wouldn’t otherwise be achievable.

trees tattoes hearttreesorchard2
I started using ZBrush® since version 2, back then, compatibility was still a bit of an issue. ZBrush® could interface easily enough with higher-end tools, such as Maya, which has always been a major one in the pipelines of game-developing studios, but people like me, that had to import their final content in Poser, for example, had to jump through some hoops, sometimes fiery ones.… Read the rest

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