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FREE Content Friday : Interview with Fabrice Delage

Fabrice Delage is known for his persistant objective in trying to gain photo realistic character portraits from using Poser, Vue and Photoshop. We originally interviewed Fabrice in issue 3 back in September 2010 and included some of his best work from his portfolio at the time alongside the interview. We’ve reproduced the article in full here for you to learn a little more about Fabrice and his portfolio.
Let us know what your favourite image is from Fabrice’s portfolio and let us know of other artists that you think manage to obtain photo realism with their images. You can check Fabrice’s current gallery at Renderosity.

3DAD: How long have you been involved with digital art? What were the beginnings?
FD: I started with 3D seven years ago. I already used 2D at work and since I love doing portraits, I wanted to create my own images.  The idea of using 3D for portraits came quite naturally. I started with Poser 5 and was really satisfied with this program.
3DAD: Did you work with paints or photography before going digital?
FD: I do a lot of sketching and painting.
3DAD: Who were your first mentors or artists that inspired you the most as you started out?

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Read Mini-Mag Edition #3 of 3D Art Direct

We’ve decided to give a valueable give-away interview with our mini-mag third edition of 3D Art Direct.

It’s a full interview with top Poser/Vue artist Fabrice Delage.

It includes a gallery of some of his best work of photo realistic
female models. They are stunning pieces of imagary.

There’s also a part interview with top Mojoworld artist Alex Nikolaev –
discover his amazing sci-fi landscapes and starscapes.

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The link will take you directly to the on-line mag which has a
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We’re also looking to interview digital artists that can inspire those who are just starting out with 3D digital art.

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We interview Fabrice Delage : First-Class Poser Artist

We are very pleased to include an interview with Fabrice Delage in this month’s premum edition of 3D Art Direct, to be published Thursday 30th of September.

Fabrice has made waves with the extraordinary realism that he has created with his Poser digital artwork. Here are a few examples:-

Here’s a segment from our interview with Fabrice:-

3DAD: Who were your first mentors or artists that inspired you the most as you started out?
Koji Yamagami, Liam Kemp and Alceu Baptistao with their efforts to create realistic images, have been and still are a great inspiration for me.

3DAD: Has imaging the human form always been your main motivation in the creation of your artwork?

FD: I love the human body and especially the female body. It is a real pleasure to work on the curves and forms of a beautiful woman, even when she is made of polygons.

3DAD: Is your primary goal to gain photo realism with the human form and to push the boundaries in this direction?

FD: My goal in 3D is to make an image as realistic as possible. Be it lights, scene set up, facial expressions, I want to make people forget that it is 3D!

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