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3DAD 018 : Vue Animation with Michel Rondberg & Drea Horvath from D&D Creations

In this session, we get behind the scenes of D&D Creations and learn how this powerful partnership of Drea Horvath and Michel Rondberg was created. Many people in the Vue community will have heard of least one of these names, so you can discover more about this partnership in this session, what they did in their early years to get to the level of success they have achieved now.


Even they are suprised how fast they have got involved in commercial and non-commercial productions of bigger studios in a relatively short time. It’s been only since the start of the year since they officially launched their services, but during their first few months they has already worked on a cinematic trailer, a historical animation, and building scenes for a big commercial 3D projection mapping project.

Download the podcast

      1. here

If you have considered animation in Vue or are trying to improve or optimise your animation work in Vue, Make a note of this live webinar event in your diaries which will be on the 3rd and 4th of August; the first weekend in August.… Read the rest

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Read Issue 22 : Applying the New to the Old – Modern Visual Effects Restoring Original Classics

I was privileged to attend the Star Trek : Destination London convention last weekend, which was remarkable in that all five captains of the franchise attended this one event. As you can imagine it was a large scale convention, held at the London Expo centre and it was a very busy, entertaining and informative day!

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Of particular interest to me was that some of the production staff were present, including Ronald D Moore who was a co-executive producer of Star Trek: Deeps Space Nine (DS9) and the Executive producer of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series (BSG). It was rare access to a high powered producer of two critically acclaimed shows, so I grabbed the microphone during his talk and posed him the following question, which was suggested to me by Jens Reinhart (interviewed in issue 21):-

“If you had the capability of today’s Computer Graphics providing the visual effects for past series such as Deep Space Nine, how would you have done things differently on the show?”

I added the example that the visual effects for the Galactica space scenes were much more natural than those used in the Star Trek franchise.

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Read Mini-Mag Edition #3 of 3D Art Direct

We’ve decided to give a valueable give-away interview with our mini-mag third edition of 3D Art Direct.

It’s a full interview with top Poser/Vue artist Fabrice Delage.

It includes a gallery of some of his best work of photo realistic
female models. They are stunning pieces of imagary.

There’s also a part interview with top Mojoworld artist Alex Nikolaev –
discover his amazing sci-fi landscapes and starscapes.

Read the mini-mag edition here

The link will take you directly to the on-line mag which has a
fantastic looking & simple interface for
navigating through the pages. Just copy and paste the link above
into the address bar of your internet browser.

If you are a digital artist we would love to feature your art or
articles, which you can submit via our blog page.

We’re also looking to interview digital artists that can inspire those who are just starting out with 3D digital art.

Contact us if you would like to be considered for interview.… Read the rest

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Easily Create Your Own Science Fiction 3D Worlds

Easily Create Your Own Science Fiction 3D Worlds

If you’re new to digital art or a seasoned pro, having ready made content and presets for creating your sci-fi 3D worlds produces results fast!

Better still, if a package includes the content AND the 3D art software to set your scene and render it, there are no barriers to your creations!

Vue Science Fiction includes all the software tools and ready-made content you need to easily create science fiction images and video clips.

Start with a 3D set, customize your scene with built-in science fiction characters, trees, buildings… Change the weather, adjust the light, choose the best point of view and shoot your picture!

With hundreds of presets, the Vue Science Fiction T-pack is all you need to design superb images of your own science fiction worlds.

  • Easy to learn, easy to use!
  • Breathtaking 3D science fiction art!
  • Photo-realistic results!
  • Renders without the Vue logo!
  • Includes plenty of science fiction content!
  • Unrivaled natural 3D creation power!
  • Renders at Full HD resolution!
  • Direct access to Cornucopia3D content!
  • Welcoming, hyper-active community!
  • Whether you’re a newcomer to 3D or a seasoned 3D artist, you’ll find your way around Vue Science Fiction in no time!

    Click below now to get your sci-fi T pack:-

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    Read Issue #2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

    Read Issue #2 of 3D Art Direct Magazine

    We’ve just published the 2nd premium edition of 3D Art direct magazine. It includes three gallery-rich interviews with some top Vue artists.

    This month’s content includes:-

    Introduction to Poser – The original digital human figure software
    DAZ Studio 3 summary – Free 3D figure scene setting studio
    Resources – Links list of FREE 3D digital art software
    Jacob Charles Dietz interview – Sci-fi master artist reviews his portfolio.
    PLANSURV Log 2 – Serialised sci-fi illustrative mini story
    Melissa Krauss interview – Poser artist extraordinaire
    Mark Stevenson interview – Reveals his passion for Vue and fractal art
    Mojoworld planet – Gallery and content to download. Explore a complete planet by downloading this Mojoworld file!

    Purchase and read on-line the 2nd edition here:-

    Read the Premium edition of 3D Art Direct Magazine #2

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    How to create the Earth in 7 minutes

    How to create the Earth in 7 minutes

    Want to create a view of the Earth as seen from space in 7 minutes? Follow these steps in a quick and easy Vue tutorial.

    Camera and Sun Setup

    1. Start a new scene and select the default Spectral atmosphere.

    2. Use [F4] to open the atmosphere editor. Click the Sky, Fog and Haze tab. Set Aerial perspective to 10 and click OK.

    3. Select the Main Camera, switch to the numerics tab, put in 10km for the Z position. Tilt the camera down and press [F9] to render.

    4. Select the sun and alter it to gain a more low angle light.

    Edit the Atmosphere

    1. In the atmosphere editor, alterthese settings:-

    – Sky ground density to 50%

    – Sky mean altitude to 8km

    – Decay amount to 50

    – Haze ground density to 16%

    2. In the clouds tab, click Add and from the Spectral collection, choose the High Cumulus preset. Click Ok.

    3. Change scale to 300. Set altitude to 500m, Height to 1km, Density to 29% and Opacity to 100%

    Add More Cloud Layers

    1. Double click on the cloud swatch in order to open the Advanced Cloud Material Editor.

    2. In the Cloud layer detail pane, set scaling to 30% and Roughness to 60%.… Read the rest

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    Free Easy to Learn 3D Digital Art Software

    Free Easy to Learn 3D Digital Art Software

    Want to start creating 3D digital art today?

    Get Vue Pioneer now to create photo-realistic images! It’s completely free!

    Vue Pioneer has these features:-

    – Easy to learn, easy to use!
    – Breathtaking 3D landscapes!
    – Photo-realistic results!
    – Wide selection of presets!
    – Unrivaled natural 3D creation power!
    – Renders at Full HD resolution!
    – Direct access to Cornucopia3D content!
    – Helpful user community!
    – It’s completely FREE!

    Read the rest

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