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3DAD 033 : Anime figures in Poser and Daz Studio – development of STAR by Lady Littlefox


In this session of the 3D Art Direct podcast, we interview Regina LaGrone also known as Lady Littlefox.

She’s an experienced 3D content developer for Poser and Daz Studio. Her strengths are in character and costume designs including contemporary, fantasy and  cartoon styles. She is skilled in all stages of content development and has modelled in Modo, Lightwave, XSI and ZBrush. She is at present a freelance developer and beta tester for Smith Micro software and has successfully run her own business of Lady LittleFox Studios for at least 16 years.

Anime characters have a strong following, so producing a popular DAZ Studio/Poser character that has created a whole mini market of content to go with the figure is no mean feat! Littlefox goes though the design aspects of her anime character and what inspired her along the way.

In this Session

– The origins of Littlefox Designs, how it started some of the earliest design highlights.

– Beta testing for over 8 years at Smith Micro for Poser and Anime Studio. Have you been able to initiate some good changes or fixes during this time?

– One of your earlier experiences in work was being a 3D Avatar specialist – what did this involve?… Read the rest

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3DAD 031 : The New Reality 4 – Photo-realistic Rendering in Poser or DAZ Studio


Reality 4 is available now from Pret-a-3D

In this session of the 3D Art Direct podcast, we interview Paolo Ciccone on the new Reality 4 software giving  photo realistic rendering in Poser or DAZ Studio.

In this session we learn from Paolo:-

  • The history of the LuxRender engine, which Reality 4 uses.
  • What‘s all the fuss about physically based rendering (PBR)  and what are the advantages to the artist?
  • Is PBR still advancing and what might we see next with this?
  • What are some of the changes that have made Reality 4 easier to use for the artist?
  • All about the presets library and some of the goodies inside it.
  • What lies ahead for Pret-a-3D in 2015?

In association with this podcast, we are having a live webinar on a New Features Masterclass for Reality 4 on Saturday 31st of January presented by Paolo. You can Register HERE and you’ll have the chance to win a copy of Reality 4 during the session.


Prêt-à-3D Website

Official Reality Forums at Runtime DNARead the rest

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3DAD 020 : The new Dawn figure for Poser and DAZ Studio from Hivewire3D – we interview the creators

Hivewire 3D is a new corner of the character artwork universe, a destination where new or experienced users of the Poser or Daz Studio software—can come to share, shop, and sell digital content. Hivewire 3D aims to build a hive-like community with productivity, collaboration, and like-minded individuals working towards a common goal.

Founded by Christopher Creek, the creator of Victoria and Michael, and an original founder of DAZ 3D; HiveWire 3D is a new connection to all things digital content. The emphasis is for an open and welcoming market and community for Poser or DAZ Studio, hobbyist or professional, where “everyone is welcome to join the swarm.”

In this session we are pleased to interview Eric Merritt , Chris Creek,  Steve Kondris and Paul Lesard from HiveWire 3D and discover the story of Dawn, the new weight-mapped figure for Poser and DAZ Studio.


Nikki for Dawn by Virtual World

Dawn is the newest in a line of significant figures developed by Chris Creek, who created the original Poser figures, Dork and Posette, and the original Michael and Victoria figures.

Dawn is for both Poser and DAZ Studio users in mind, with two versions available, one with native Poser files compatible with Poser 9 and above, and another with native DAZ Studio files compatible with DAZ Studio 4.5 and above.… Read the rest

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User Reviews of Free 3D Digital Art Applications and Tools

Fortunately there is a nice range of free 3D digital art applications and tools to get budding digital artists started with some great creations. I put the question to the 3D Art Direct magazine readership of what has been their experience in using these tools and what did they use most frequently.

I include the best responses below, but if you’d still like to pitch in, then you can answer a quick three question poll here and we’ll add your brief review to this post, once approved. We’ll also include a link to your gallery of digital artwork.

Daz Studio by Darwins Mishap

DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free

To answer your question, my top free application has been Daz Studio from www.daz3d.com. I started on version 2, and work now in 3, 4, and 4.5 along with Poser Pro 2010, and Carrara Pro 8- which are both paid for applications. Studio can be relatively easy to get a grip on, if you spend time after installing it to go through the manual and start small. I did not, so my stubborn behavior cost me about a year of frustration before I finally had enough and opened that .pdf file. There is so much that you can do with the program if you can get the basics.

Read the rest
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Read issue 21 : A Salute to Harry Harrison and Discover Digital Art Styled After Lady Gaga

One of the greatest influences that nudged me into the sci-fi realm was the author Harry Harrison, who sadly passed away last month.

He was a prolific and consistent writer. So prolific that he managed to finish of his memoirs a few days before he died.

The first Harry Harrison books I read were easily discovered on my father’s bookshelf. It was a few books from the Stainless Steel Rat Series. These stories of the independent hero James DiGriz were written in the first person “I”, which caught my attention and sucked me into the narrative more effectively than many other books. The series was styled as tongue in cheek science fiction, but beyond the humour it served me an important example of a cheerful and intelligent protagonist winning against a universe full of silly rules, regulations and boundaries – perfect for a teenager like me at the time that didn’t like the status quo of certain parts of society.

You can read the rest of my salute to Harry in the editorial of this issue’s free 3D Art Direct magazine. We also cover interviews with artists that use Carrara, Daz Studio and Lightwave to amazing effect.

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Tribute to Harry Harrison, sci-fi author of the Deathworld and Stainless Steel Rat series of books.… Read the rest

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3DAD 003 : Science Fiction DAZ Studio Artist – Interview with Rob Caswell

The third session of the 3D Art Direct Podcast is here, complete with an interview with Daz Studio artist Robert Caswell.

You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog. Additionally, you’ll be able to listen to this session and subscribe via iTunes.

      1. Right click here to download the MP3


I’d like to introduce Rob Caswell, a DAZ 3D Studio artist who grew up during the space race and spent his time watching the Apollo moonshots as well as bat girl on TV, and then managed to avoid these distractions just enough to gain a degree in astronomy. We originally interviewed him in issue 13.

He has a popular space on DeviantArt, with the moniker as “Arcas-Art”, that includes a well written blog and gallery of renders created with DAZ 3D Studio and post processing with Photoshop.

Rob has a good grounding in multiple visual art zones, including science fiction & fantasy illustration for paper and pen RPGs, computer game art and comic book lettering.… Read the rest

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Experience the Reality Plugin for Daz Studio

Peter Rex grew up in rural Germany and now resides in France with a passion for 3D digital art. He has been impacted by art throughout his lifetime, with early influences from his father who was a talented painter and photographer. Peter took prompt advantage of digital art at the time of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga and has never looked back since.  Now with more powerful hardware and software at his disposal we look at some of his latest work and what has inspired the imagery he has created.

Recently Peter has been exploring the use of the Reality Plugin for Daz Studio. It provides a connection from DAZ Studio to the high end render engine “LuxRender”. LuxRender can provide photo realistic effects since it brings physically-based materials to the Daz Studio – emulating real world physics.

Our full follow-up interview will be published in the forthcoming issue 13 of 3D Art Direct.

3DAD: What are some of the main things you’ve learned as a digital artist since last time we interviewed you?
PR: I think I am getting better with the lighting and material work in DAZ/Studio and Vue. Also I’m using Reality, the Daz Studio plugin to transfer a scene into the Lux render engine.

Read the rest
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Populating our Digital Worlds

Populating our Digital Worlds

The three artists we’ve interviewed for last month’s edition of 3D Art Direct’s premium magazine had one thing in common; they were blown away by the capabilities of 3D art, even with the early software tools they’d encountered. They could create an entire world and control everything in it, even before breakfast—and not many hobbies allow that.

This month we concentrate on artwork that incorporates figures (human or otherwise) into a scene, that gives an image so much more impact. The life-likeness of human figures in 3D graphics was a thorny issue in the beginning. A human figure doesn’t bode well for limited processing power and pixels—too many complex joints, curves and blemishes to deal with. However with the advent of Poser, the first kernel of it developed by Larry Weinberg in the late 80s, a digital manikin maker was suddenly available for the amateur artist. It added a great element of fun into imaging—especially with all the clothing and scene props you could integrate into a scene.

I first came across Poser when version 5 came out of the stable. My very first renders with figures used Mojoworld to create the scene (see images from the planet Masella in this issue) and I was enthralled.… Read the rest

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