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Issue 50 of 3D Art Direct

Read Issue 50 of 3D Art Direct :

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Issue 50 of 3D Art Direct


3D Art Direct specialises with the stories of creativity using 3D digital art applications. We love to share our in-depth interviews of digital artists, industry leaders and content creators, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Discover fresh content, inspiration,  tips and tricks and fascinating biographies of those we talk to.


3d Art Direct interviews veteran sci-fi 3d creator Artur Rosa, of Portugal, Europe.


“When I’m making an image, I always have three priorities: first comes beauty, then innovation and in third place comes realism. If I have to sacrifice realism for the sake of the first two, I will and frequently do. But generally I try to obtain some kind of balance.”


3d Art Direct talks with Bjorn Malmberg and Ryan Malone about their continuing Extra Solar sci-fi project.


“It has taught us much about character development. We want to know everything about the character, regardless of whether that conveys directly in the story.

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Read issue 20 : Discover behind the scenes at Renderosity.com, a digital arts community with over 830,000 visitors per month

Ever wondered about the history of Renderosity, the staff behind the website and where it might be going next? Discover more about this remarkable community of digital artists, which has grown tremendously since 1999.

  • 830,000+ visitors per month
  • Nearly 10 million page views per month
  • Over 9 minutes per visit

We are pleased to interview the business development and marketing manager at Renderosity, Tim Haaksma.

This month’s cover is a striking ancient female character named “Akeela” produced for the Reborn Computer Game created with ZBrush by Patrick Turner, who we interview this month.

Patrick talked about his Akeela character and wanted a look that was incredibly ancient and had a lot of personality. During his chat about the creation of this piece, he spoke about “photo-realism”:-

“I used to chase photo-realism when I was airbrushing. It was an easy way to know when I was finished – it looked like a photo. We know what that looks like. One day, someone asked, “Why don’t they just use a photo?” I didn’t have an answer that would take less than 3 days to explain, but it got me thinking. Illustration has the ability to render what can’t be photographed and it should also have qualities that go beyond photography.

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Discover stunning digital nebulae space art

Glenn Clovis has a passion for nebulae; beautiful interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen gas and plasma. “They stem from pure chaos. I have freedom to mix elements, colors and patterns how I like, I’m not restricted in a detailed sense on what I can create or what it looks like.”. And after seeing Glenn’s work in his portfolio over at DeviantArt, you’ll definitely have an increased interest in these interstellar clouds – “birth places of stars”. You can also check out Glenn’s work  at his own well designed website at glennclovis.com.

We’re pleased to interview Glenn for the October issue of 3D Art Direct magazine who uses primarily Photoshop with Vue and Cinema 4D providing some fascinating space-faring models to complete some of his scenes. He’s had several of his works appearing on the covers of novels and  magazines. Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Glenn:-

3DAD:  Have you always been a traditional pencil and ink kind of artist or did this evolve with the digital world?
GC: I started out as a basic pencil/ink artist, creating most of my pieces during the 90’s.  I purchased my first copy of Adobe Photoshop 3.0in 1996 and I started to teach myself. 

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Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 11 Now Available

Premium Edition of 3D Art Direct Issue 11 Now Available

Issue 11 Premium Edition

By Paul Bussey in 3D Art Direct

52 pages, published 18 AUG 2011

3D digital arts magazine specialising in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. We interview selected artists and discover their portfolios and stories through exclusive interviews. Editorial : 5 top resources to help you sell your Digital Art Interview : Fredy Wenzel. “Cinema 4D is my main 3D package. Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and most important for me: rock solid!” Interview : Richard Kitner. “I’m a big “teeth and claws” kind of artist. I…
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Cinema 4D: Easy to learn, very powerful, very fast and rock solid!

That’s what Fredy Wenzel’s opinion is of Cinema 4D, the main tool in his workflow. The free mini magazine edition of 3D Art Direct has been published and includes a lead interview article with Fredy (Fredy3D on DeviantArt) from Northern Germany. Sign up for our mini magazine now, to read the full interview with Fredy and to discover in detail his workflow with Cinema 4D.

In our premium August edition to be published soon, we hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Chuck Carter, one of the lead artists from the smash adventure game Myst, developed in the 1990s. Myst created a new style of graphical adventure and the artwork produced was landmark for the time and still keeps a firm fan base. The Myst adventure game is now available as an on-line experience here.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from our interview with Fredy.

3DAD: You list your software tools as Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Poser and Vue. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms?
FW: Let’s start with Poser. I could always draw nice technical stuff but drawing humans and animals was always a nightmare. So Poser is a great relief when it comes to pose humans and animals, to cloth humans and to play around with morphs and expressions.

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