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3DAD 006 : How to create character digital art with impact: Interview with Deedee Davies on Poser Pro and Photoshop

In this session I interview a British artist called Deedee Davies who creates some outstanding artwork with Carrara Pro, Vue, Poser Pro and Photoshop.

Have you ever wondered how to create art with impact, especially for media such as book covers? Deedee reveals some tips on this and other great resources as she talks about her artwork.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Deedee and take a look at her portfolio at www.3dfantasyart.co.uk/

You can download the podcast

      1. here

In the interview we cover:-

  • How to create art with impact. Does less really mean more? eBook covers Vs physical book covers.
  • Trying to gain decent colour palettes in your scenes; using complementary colours. Deedee mentions the tool http://colorschemedesigner.com/ 
  • “Too little emotion and your character looks like a shop window dummy, too much and they look crazed.”. Using the Liquify tool in Photoshop to overcome this.
  • What was it like for Deedee when she gained her first commissions and in helping to sell stories and novels for authors with her book cover artwork?.
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Exclusive Tribute to Peter Elson – a Master Sci-fi and Fantasy Illustrator

If you’ve been an avid reader of science fiction books during the seventies, eighties and nineties- then you would have noticed some of the book cover illustrations graced with the initials “PE”, standing for Peter Elson, who was one of the most talented in his field.
Peter’s illustrations took off after winning a competition for “Science Fiction Monthly”, with his illustration of “Fantastic Planet” published in the December 1975 edition. His career was helped with the Sarah Brown agency, headed by Carol Butfoy who marketed the talents of a number of science fiction illustrators.
We speak to Carol Butfoy as well as Peter’s sister Pam about Peter’s life and career as an artist, who has in turn inspired many sci-fi digital artists of today. The full interview will be published in the premium fifteenth edition of 3D Art Direct Magazine, to be published in the next few days.

3DAD : What are some of the techniques in the creative process that Peter used that you can bring to light?
CB: I don’t have any specific comments, other than Peter worked in gouache and air brush, with quite a lot of fine painting. He would cut a brush down to just a few hairs so that every little detail was perfect.

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