Survey Results are in : What do you Want to Achieve with your Artwork?

Our simple three question survey elicited quite a few responses, since¬†it was titled “What do you want to achieve with your artwork?”. Sometimes being wrapped up in the passion of creativity, it’s a question you may not have considered fully. Discover some of the more interesting responses below!

1. “What do you want to achieve with your artwork?”

We received responses echoing the end goal of one respondant who said “Fame and fortune”- these came in at just under 50%. It seems that a majority of artists do want to earn recognition, respect and to be paid for it at the same time! There was a strong determination indicated by some artists of wanting to switch over to being a professional from amateur status, but not knowing how or where to publicise their art.

The remaining answers indicated wanting to create art just for fun, enjoyment and fulfilment, including: “I’ve always done art in some form or fashion mostly just because I have an inner drive to do it. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to…”

2. “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to promoting your artwork?”

Marketing your artwork as mentioned by one reply below, can be tedious and involve a constant effort, but it’s worth investing in this activity – particularly if you want to make income from your artwork. Soon we’ll be launching a 3D Art Publisher club or academy where we can help you with your marketing efforts.

Some answers included:-

“Lack of a wide audience able to give constructive feedback. Lack of exposure to wider audience.”
“Exposure, sticking out among all of the amazing artists trying to follow the same path.”
“It’s boring!”
“Knowing where to post it.”
“Finding ways to do it.”

Every artist has something unique to bring to the table; it might be skills in composition, focusing on a certain niche or genre, concentrating on creating models from scratch to use in a scene. We’ve often heard of the concern above of “sticking out amongst all of the amazing artists trying to follow the same path”, but the more application and practice that is applied, then the more evident that your unique style will emerge from the rest of the pack.

3. “Part of 3D Art Direct’s mission is to promote artists through three different channels. Which is your preferred channel for promoting your artwork and skills?”

3D Art Direct plans to promote your work through three different channels – your portfolio printed in a magazine, a YouTube video promotion and the publishing of your work in our virtual 3D gallery island “Praetax” (click here to immerse yourself in the available beta)

Of these channels you responded:-

54% 3D Art Direct Magazine
27% YouTube promotional videos
82% Virtual 3D Gallery (Praetax)

So it seems the virtual 3D Gallery is by far the most popular channel. We’re introducing a dynamic billboard that can be inserted into Praetax, that will show a continual stream of your art images fading from one to the next.

On the other hand a recent offer from 3D Art Direct to create a free YouTube promotional video for the first artist to respond had a significant response, perhaps with artists recognising the potential of advertising their work in this way. YouTube is so large now – it is really it’s own search engine, rivalling that of Google. If you’re serious about expressing and promoting your artwork in a more dynamic way we recommend you create a presence on YouTube and 3D Art Direct can help you with this in our forthcoming 3D Art Publisher Academy.

Respondents also mentioned using Facebook and other video search engines similar to YouTube for promotion.

55% also mentioned on-line galleries such as Cornucopia 3D and Renderosity, which we expected to be a larger figure. ¬†There have been some remarks in past interview articles that the feedback for an artist can be overly positive at such sites, with no real critique being applied – negating the need for the “feedback” in the first place. Do you agree? Tell us what you think.

Thanks for all your responses!

If you’d still like to take part in the survey click here


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