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Issue 45 3D Art Direct Cover


72 pages of vivid inspiration

This special issue of 3D Art Direct has a focus on real time 3D graphics in gaming.


3d Art Direct interviews the Art Director at Expansive Worlds about his work on directing the game The Hunter.


“If my math is correct, our current hunting reserves combined would cover an area of a little over 43 square miles in real life. The world map as a whole is 1024 (32 by 32) square kilometres, or 636 square miles. In theory we could have only one hunting reserve without any borders, covering all that map space, rather than several smaller ones. But of course there are many practical and technical reasons why we choose to break the world up into smaller pieces.”


3d Art Direct talks to Arthmoor, from the massive Unique Landscapes mod project for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.


“I am currently doing programming, Quality Assurance, and some level design for the Windows PC game Witanlore: Dreamtime. This is the first game in a series we’re doing over at Druid Gameworks using the Unreal 4 Engine. We’re looking to bring our own take on RPGs to market soon.  Indie game development is something I see as the next big jump for modders in general, now that the tools for making high quality games are reaching price points more people can afford”


3d Art Direct chats with an indie game developer from the UK, about creating a unique art/landscape game in Unity.


“The Asset Store has been extremely useful for filling gaps in Unity’s toolset.  ShaderForge for instance is an extremely capable node-based shader editor, but it is an extra price on top of buying the Unity Pro license.  It’s also very good to see assets which aid non-coders or beginners, in areas such as creating coded logic for their games.  This is a really important and exciting area.  I feel that a game has to be more than an environment showpiece which you simply wander around — it needs to change in reaction to the player’s actions and that requires code of some kind.”

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