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Editorial: How to make a sci-fi series : The Making of CAS Nobility

The creation of a single static scene in 3D can be time consuming, but when stepping up to animation it certainly takes a great deal of extra resources. But what about the making of a whole science fiction series? It’s an ambitious and exciting project to undertake and 3D Art Direct will be following the creation of this venture. It’s called C.A.S. Nobility–with the tagline of “These are not the heroes you are looking for”. It’s also dubbed “The Office in Space” – which indicates it is a drama/comedy or a “dramedy”. The story is set 700 years from now and it’s about the starship “C.A.S. Nobility”, Humanity’s most powerful starship yet crewed with people that are anything but noble.

Modelling Focus : Don webster – building of the USS Yorktown–3D Ship Creation.

“I want to accomplish three things, challenge, composition, affordability. The challenge is not in technical modelling but as much as the shear size, and scope.”

Interview : Cynthia Decker

Curious and hyper-imaginative images created with Vue.

“I know clearly what I want when I begin, and I sketch to get overall composition and structure, but very often the images morph and grow as I’m working on them. I don’t always start out with a story, but I usually finish with one” :

Interview : Edson Moraes (Wotan) :

“I live in a tropical country, with vibrant and saturated colours which are a constant in my life. I just use these images to create my artwork .” : Other wordly landscape artwork created with Mojoworld.


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