Read Issue 26 : Special Bonus Compilation – Seven In-Depth Interviews with 3D Digital Artists

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This issue of 3D Art Direct is a special compilation of some of the best interviews we undertook in the earlier editions of the magazine. There are 106 pages of outstanding gallery artwork and interview text with these seven great artists shown below.

Here a snippet of our interview with Artur Rosa (Vue)

3DAD: If there was one function you could add to Vue that it currently doesn’t have – what would that be?!
AR: A “Cloud Painter”. I would like to have the possibility to paint clouds in the sky in the same way as we can now paint materials in terrains or paint trees in a field.
3DAD: What was one of your first “breakthrough” images that you published, where you started to get a lot more feedback and more notice for your work?

AR: “Assassin”, from November 2007, was the first. This was my first image that was used by e-on in a marketing initiative (in Siggraph 2008, I think). One month later, in December 2007, I published “Is anybody there?” and it grabbed a lot of attention from my viewers, a lot more than all previous images. So, I would say that these two images represent a turning point.
3DAD: What was one of the hardest things to overcome when you first started CG and then how did you overcome that obstacle?
AR: I guess it was a deep ignorance of all CG related aspects. I didn’t even know the basics and that was a bit frustrating at the beginning because it seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. I had a general feeling of “it’s too much, I will never know enough to be any good”. I overcame this feeling with perseverance, by experimenting and studying.
3DAD: You have a good wide variety of work, not just held in one particular genre. Is there one genre you’d like to concentrate more on if you had the time?
AR: No, I really like variety. To be honest, I can’t understand how some artists opt to do images in the same genre over and over again, for years and years. That would be so tremendously boring to me, I could never do that. I feel the need to do different things.

Juan Rodriguez

Digital elves crafted with e-on’s Vue software.

Melissa Krauss
Rich fantasy figurines created with Poser.

Artur Rosa
Master of fantasy imagery and symbolism fashioned with Vue.

Alexander Nikolaev
Epic science fiction scenes moulded with Mojoworld.

Warren Turner
Uses Mojoworld to turn up Dmytry Lavrov’s volumetric plugin to maximum.

Kerem Gogus
Award winning Vue artist from Istanbul.

Lewis Moorcroft
Extraordinary portfolio built with striking Mojoworlds.

Have a read and post a comment below to let us know who your favourite artist is out of the seven above.

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