Read Issue 24 : Terragen Special – Interviews and Galleries with Five Top Digital Landscape Artists

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This issue of 3D Art Direct is dedicated to Terragen. All interviews are conducted with those who are heavily involved in the Terragen universe. I’m very proud to include the transcript of the interview we did with Oshyan Greene, who is Planetside’s (who are the creators of Terragen Classic and Terragen 2) business manager.

I give special thanks to New World Digital Arts who have assisted us to bring interviews with some incredible landscape artists that generously shared their portfolios and lives as Terragen artists.

Editorial : Tribute to Gerry Anderson

Interview : Oshyan Greene

Planetside’s business manager takes us on a tour of how Terragen started, the capabilities of Terragen 2 and how it has been developed to meet production needs of effects studios.

Interview : Ulco Glimmerveen

Replicating natural phenomena, recreating archaeological sites and providing outstanding artwork of our natural world, Ulco (AKA Dune) takes us through some of the best work from his portfolio created with Terragen 2.

New World Digital Arts Joint Interview

Master artists Jan Walter Schielp (“Walli”) and Frank Basinski from New World Digital Arts.
“Don’t be afraid of nodes. They really don’t bite!” (Walli)

Interview : Franck Doassans

Franck’s (AKA Seth) passion for Terragen and computer graphics is absolute; he spends all of his free time creating visual works. Frank has often said “In my right hand, I have the power to create a world !” – all thanks to Terragen!

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3D Art Direct Issue 24

3D Art Direct: 3D Art Direct Issue 24

3D Digital arts magazine specialising in the interview of artists that work in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. This issue is a Terragen Special. Editorial:Tribute to Gerry Anderson.Details on the very first live webinar based conference for Terragen users.Interview : Oshyan Greene -…

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