Read Issue 23 : Interviews With Two Teams of Exceptional Digital Artists : Alfa SeeD and D&D Creations

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In this issue we are privileged to interview Drea Horvath and Michel Rondberg, outstanding artists known for their natural landscape artwork using Vue. One of the questions we asked them was what had surprised them along the way as they grew and developed during their careers. Drea responded with:-

Maybe the biggest surprise is how fast we’ve got involved in commercial and non-commercial productions of bigger studios in a relatively short time. It’s been only a few months since we have officially launched our services, but we have already been working on a cinematic trailer, a historical animation, and soon we start building scenes for a big commercial 3D projection mapping project. This will be the first time Vue is involved in such a production, and we are proud to be the ones to contribute.

Getting involved with the bigger studios is no doubt a mix of publishing new content regularly and persistent networking.
Networking has become much easier with the various social networking sites helping to dramatically reduced the “Six degrees of Separation”, which is the concept that you can ‘connect’ anyone to anyone by just a chain of social acquaintances.

We are blessed in this digital age to get artwork promoted relatively quickly that could lead to some commercial success or at least wider recognition for our efforts. 3D Art Direct aims to help with that promotion, so if you a good gallery of artwork in the sci-fi or fantasy genres, we’d be pleased to talk to you.

Editorial: “3.75 Degrees of Separation”
It’s now a little easier to network and get noticed by the bigger art studios. We explore how the degrees of separation in terms of social connections have reduced, due to social networking sites.

Interview : AlfA SeeD

Alfa SeeD are two popular digital artists providing popular Poser content, who are also aiming their creations towards the game market. They provide a mix of quality science fiction and fantasy content and are one of the most popular vendors on Runtime DNA and describe themselves as “Electronic Performers”. In this interview we discover their passion for game artwork and how they’ve continued to evolve as artists despite their many challenges.

“We see games as the ultimate creative output: they have story, involvement, role playing, beautiful arts and amazing music. ”

Interview : Benoit Patterlini

Benoit has lived in Paris since 2001 with two main activities. First, working as a freelance 3D graphic designer for prominent architects in Paris, such as Claude Vasconi and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The second is creating digital art projects focused on science fiction.

“I try to explore several universes for each single piece of my work. I ever try to evolve and develop my own style.”

Interview : Drea Horvath & Michel Rondberg

Drea and Michel are extraordinary 3D landscape artists using Vue, who provide natural, realistic and inspirational art. In their collaboration at their D&D Creations store they now provide content for Eon’s Vue platform.

“As long as you love what you do and you put this love and effort into your artwork, creativity won’t leave you.”
“A lot of artists find a ‘formula’ if such thing even exist and stick to it, this is the same moment it becomes uninteresting. Keep reinventing yourself.”

3D Art Direct Issue 23

3D Art Direct: 3D Art Direct Issue 23

3D digital arts magazine with in-depth interviews in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.Editorial: 3.75 Degrees of Separation Interview : AlfA SeeD “We see games as the ultimate creative output: they have story, involvement, role playing, beautiful arts and amazing music. “ Interview : Benoit…

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