Read issue 20 : Discover behind the scenes at, a digital arts community with over 830,000 visitors per month

Ever wondered about the history of Renderosity, the staff behind the website and where it might be going next? Discover more about this remarkable community of digital artists, which has grown tremendously since 1999.

  • 830,000+ visitors per month
  • Nearly 10 million page views per month
  • Over 9 minutes per visit

We are pleased to interview the business development and marketing manager at Renderosity, Tim Haaksma.

This month’s cover is a striking ancient female character named “Akeela” produced for the Reborn Computer Game created with ZBrush by Patrick Turner, who we interview this month.

Patrick talked about his Akeela character and wanted a look that was incredibly ancient and had a lot of personality. During his chat about the creation of this piece, he spoke about “photo-realism”:-

“I used to chase photo-realism when I was airbrushing. It was an easy way to know when I was finished – it looked like a photo. We know what that looks like. One day, someone asked, “Why don’t they just use a photo?” I didn’t have an answer that would take less than 3 days to explain, but it got me thinking. Illustration has the ability to render what can’t be photographed and it should also have qualities that go beyond photography. As an illustrator, that’s often the job.

It’s a marriage of the realism you get with 3D, with the freedom you want as an artist. The character was supposed to be a powerful, ancient, alien, yoda-like character that you didn’t want to mess with. I’m hoping that’s abundantly clear.”

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In issue 20:-

Editorial : Photo-realism in 3D Art—does it have any merits?

3D Art Live : Meet and be trained by expert artists through live webinars.

Interview : Tim Haaskana – Manager of business development & marketing at Renderosity. 

“Rather than me finding art – I think art found me via Renderosity. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve found the passionate culture here at Renderosity is something that few other industries have”

Interview : Matthew Attard – superb Cinema 4D and Vue illustrator from Sydney, Australia 

“Vue’s atmosphere editor is a brilliant feature…It has often led to many fortunate “accidents” where I get a lighting and colour scheme on the scene that’s totally different to what I planned but looks way better. ”

Interview : Patrick Turner – long standing illustrator for books, computer games, posters and advertising. Having earned numerous awards, his book covers and prints are sold throughout the world.

“The joy of bringing worlds and universes to life is something that an artist lives for”



3D Art Direct Issue 20

3D Art Direct: 3D Art Direct Issue 20

3D Digital Arts magazine with focus on the science fiction and fantasy genres. Editorial : Photorealism in 3D Art—does it have any merits? 3D Art Live: Meet and be trained by expert artists through live webinars. Our first webinar is on basic use of ZBrush. Interview : Tim Haaskana at Renderosity.…

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