Populating our Digital Worlds

The three artists we’ve interviewed for last month’s edition of 3D Art Direct’s premium magazine had one thing in common; they were blown away by the capabilities of 3D art, even with the early software tools they’d encountered. They could create an entire world and control everything in it, even before breakfast—and not many hobbies allow that.

This month we concentrate on artwork that incorporates figures (human or otherwise) into a scene, that gives an image so much more impact. The life-likeness of human figures in 3D graphics was a thorny issue in the beginning. A human figure doesn’t bode well for limited processing power and pixels—too many complex joints, curves and blemishes to deal with. However with the advent of Poser, the first kernel of it developed by Larry Weinberg in the late 80s, a digital manikin maker was suddenly available for the amateur artist. It added a great element of fun into imaging—especially with all the clothing and scene props you could integrate into a scene.

I first came across Poser when version 5 came out of the stable. My very first renders with figures used Mojoworld to create the scene (see images from the planet Masella in this issue) and I was enthralled. Suddenly my digital worlds had life upon them for the first time. Images could now tell proper stories with digital actors. Even whole graphic novels could now be created to tell a story, and Jacob Charles Dietz, one of our artists interviewed in the July premium edition has done just that.
A landmark in digital figure history was the introduction of the Victoria series of figures by Daz Studio, the rival software of Poser. Victoria won the hearts (and loins) of many artists and an even greater expanse of virtual clothing wardrobes appeared, ready to dress this digital doll.

For the next issue of the 3D Art Direct magazine, we plan to bring you some interviews and galleries of artists that have created some outstanding figure art. For now here’s another image of Meta (from our sci-fi serial short story) that gives a good example of using Smith-Micro’s Poser in conjunction with E-on’s Vue.

Here’s to populating our digital worlds.

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