Mojoworld – A 3D Digital Art Planet Creator

What is Mojoworld?

MojoWorld aims to take landscape design a stage further than Bryce, enabling you to produce not just individual landscapes, but entire planets. The grand concept is that everything is created procedurally, so once you set up the parameters for your planet, it will look good whether you view it as a globe from space or zoom in to a single rock outcrop.  You don’t so much create pictures in MojoWorld as geological and atmospheric conditions, even moons and ring systems. You then explore your world to find a vantage point to plant your virtual camera and render the image.  Exploring can be done in a walk, plane or UFO mode.

Even though Mojoworld is older 3d art software (it may yet evolve into something more powerful), it was an important landmark on the map of 3d software, especially since the author of it was Ken Musgrove who underpinned the original Bryce (which created single landscapes) with his work on using fractals for 3d art.

Our premium magazine will feature resources to download  Mojworld planets and has an article that traces the application’s history. For now here are a few Mojoworld images to whet your appetite, which are also featured in our FREE mini mag.

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