Interview with Terragen 2 artist John Robertson

Our forthcoming premium issue of 3D Art Direct includes an interview with Scottish Terragen artist John Robertson, known as “WeeLaddie” at Renderosity.

He started out with using Bryce and now uses Terragen 2 to craft his landscapes.

Here’s an excerpt from the forthcoming interview:-

3DAD: Did your photography hobby come before digital art? Have skills from this hobby helped to how you set the scenes in your rendered images?
JR: I’ve always been a bit of a snapper, no more than that. Although I did take my photography a bit more seriously when I moved to the Isle of Bute, and purchased my first digital camera. I have a wonderful vantage point from my balcony which is ideal for photographing the ships which pass beneath it. Photography helps me appreciate point of view (pov) and composition in my 3d landscaping scenes.
3DAD: You live on the island of Bute, Scotland. Has the scenery from your home influenced your landscape art with Terragen? Are there any art pieces you have done where you have mimicked actual scenery from near you home?
JR: Most of my scenes don’t relate to Scottish terrain features. Indeed most of my scenes involve desert or barren settings. But it cannot be denied that the Scottish highlands and islands are a great source of inspiration for my landscaping endeavours, and I am very fortunate to have such wonderful scenery on my doorstep. My Ben McDuff Terragen2 tutorial, ( is one scene where I definitely have been influenced by the Scottish mountains.
3DAD: How did you first come across Terragen? What do you consider are its top two strengths?
JR: I first came across Terragen when I was posting early Bryce landscapes to Renderosity. Of course this was Terragen 0.9xx, now referred to as Terragen Classic to distinguish it from Terragen2. I was most impressed with its atmospherics (mist and lighting settings), and terrain surfacing tools.

Take a look at John’s two images included in the post and let us know what you think about them AND if you have any questions you’d like to ask John, we would be pleased to put a few of these in the interview. Take advantage now and think of some questions!

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