How to create the Earth in 7 minutes

Want to create a view of the Earth as seen from space in 7 minutes? Follow these steps in a quick and easy Vue tutorial.

Camera and Sun Setup

1. Start a new scene and select the default Spectral atmosphere.

2. Use [F4] to open the atmosphere editor. Click the Sky, Fog and Haze tab. Set Aerial perspective to 10 and click OK.

3. Select the Main Camera, switch to the numerics tab, put in 10km for the Z position. Tilt the camera down and press [F9] to render.

4. Select the sun and alter it to gain a more low angle light.

Edit the Atmosphere

1. In the atmosphere editor, alterthese settings:-

– Sky ground density to 50%

– Sky mean altitude to 8km

– Decay amount to 50

– Haze ground density to 16%

2. In the clouds tab, click Add and from the Spectral collection, choose the High Cumulus preset. Click Ok.

3. Change scale to 300. Set altitude to 500m, Height to 1km, Density to 29% and Opacity to 100%

Add More Cloud Layers

1. Double click on the cloud swatch in order to open the Advanced Cloud Material Editor.

2. In the Cloud layer detail pane, set scaling to 30% and Roughness to 60%. Click Ok.

3. Add a second High Cumulus cloud layer. Set Scale to 800, Altitude to 700m and Height to 500m.

4. Add a third cloud layer. Select a Dithered Cirrus from the Stratus – Cirrus collection. Change the scale to 15, Altitude to 1km and Density to 42%.

5. Render

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