His fantasy artwork has been viewed 91204 times. Now watch the video.

To date, that is how many times Arthur Dorety’s images have been viewed at Renderosity.com.

That figure is going to be boosted even more, since you can now watch his portfolio in video format below, hosted at YouTube. If you watch the video and like what you see, please click on the “Like” button to reflect your interest.

We’ve selected some of the best of his artwork that is set to music that Arthur has composed and performed himself, at his own home recording studio. He’s been in the music business for over 17 years, so it was a real bonus when he offered to write the soundtrack. The video features a few quotes from our interview with him in  issue 9 and  a few other noteworthy facts about the artist.

You can get started with creating your own portfolio video pack here, where we have three great music tracks for your selection. Or if you happen to have your own recording studio, you can compose your own!



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