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With an ailing BBC Micro B computer and a short textbook on 3D geometry, I created a crude wire mesh landscape—my first 3D digital world slowly rendered into being in 1986.

Despite the graphical simplicity, the notion of creating any landscape from scratch, albeit empty of any detail, was greatly appealing.  Perhaps it was all those wire frame flight simulators written for the 8 bit processors of the day that inspired me. Or was it the 1983 release of the landmark Atari “Star Wars” 3D vector graphics game that first sparked my imagination? “How did they do that?” I asked. “Could I fit one in my bedroom?” I also asked. Luckily the game was ported to the 8 bit computer world soon after it’s release.

Nowadays 3D graphics pervade our media. The hardware and software  to create realistic looking 3D artwork  has come within the reach  of many more of us.  Bryce , using fractal geometry, appeared in 1994 for the Apple Mac and was a quantum leap forward for digital artists.  It was an impressive tool for creating realistic landscapes with the kernel created by Ken Musgrave (who later created Mojoworld).

Our free mini magazine  is designed to inspire and stimulate with the world of 3D digital art. It’s emphasis will be on not so much the “how” (there are plenty of periodicals that do this), but the “wow” and the “why”. We go into the stories behind the pictures and the stories about the pictures.


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