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Peter Rex grew up in rural Germany and now resides in France with a passion for 3D digital art. He has been impacted by art throughout his lifetime, with early influences from his father who was a talented painter and photographer. Peter took prompt advantage of digital art at the time of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga and has never looked back since.  Now with more powerful hardware and software at his disposal we look at some of his latest work and what has inspired the imagery he has created.

Recently Peter has been exploring the use of the Reality Plugin for Daz Studio. It provides a connection from DAZ Studio to the high end render engine “LuxRender”. LuxRender can provide photo realistic effects since it brings physically-based materials to the Daz Studio – emulating real world physics.

Our full follow-up interview will be published in the forthcoming issue 13 of 3D Art Direct.

3DAD: What are some of the main things you’ve learned as a digital artist since last time we interviewed you?
PR: I think I am getting better with the lighting and material work in DAZ/Studio and Vue. Also I’m using Reality, the Daz Studio plugin to transfer a scene into the Lux render engine.
3DAD: I’ve noticed you’ve used this DS plug in in your cute and creepy “Stay Back” doll image. What exactly does the plugin do?
PR: It allows you to “convert” a DS scene to a Lux compatible file, going through the steps of tweaking the materials (since it is a different render engine with different surface properties) and setting up the lights. Lux is an “unbiased” render engine, that is, it emulates real world physics, very different from the “biased” render engines like 3Delight or the Vue render engine, the resulting images have a photography like feel!
3DAD: It sounds like a complex plugin, but giving good results. Do you have to tweak much after DS exports the file ready for rendering in Lux? And do you think it is good value for money – would you recommend it to other artists?
PR: It is a complex plug-in – even for a person used to 3D. You learn how to use 50 lights (exaggeration!) to simulate a daylight scene! it is quite easy for photographer because you only need the sunlight.
3DAD: What are two of your favourite images that you have rendered with the Reality plugin?
PR: Mmmh, good question! I do like very much “Fairy dance” and “Hello old friend”, I am somewhat sentimental and I feel I was able to pass some kind of warm, cozy feeling, even when using She-Orkz model from Sixus1 Media. It is a kind of challenge, how to transform a so called “monster” into a feeling, loving being.

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