Experience the fire of 3D Digital Dragons

Arthur Dorety is a keen artist frequently sharing excellent fantasy artwork in his Cornucopia 3D gallery 

A key theme of Arthur’s work are the images and stories centred around dragons. We are very pleased to interview him in the premium June edition of 3D Art Direct magazine, to be published on May 30th.

Interview excerpt:

3DAD: What influenced you to take up digital art and when did you get started?

AD: Ironically I got re-acquainted with art in general in 2006. I was working the main stage at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts for perhaps the fifth straight year, but now I had a laptop and I stumbled upon Terragen in its early form. I had no idea what I was doing, but by playing around I began making terrains and figured out how to render them. Right after that I found a book by Michael Burns called “Digital Sci-Fi Art”. This made me want to return to the art field. After looking at the programs used for various images I was thinking Bryce and Poser but then found out how expensive they were. At that time e-on had Vue Esprit version 5 bundled with Poser in a special promotion. I looked up Vue online and was just as impressed and more so than Bryce, and the price was right. For a little less than $200 US at the time I had what I was looking for. I never looked back. Now I’m just waiting for the computer hardware to catch up!

3DAD: You have a strong interest in the subject of dragons, where have you your main inspirations come from for this aspect of your work?

AD: Well, dinosaurs came first and dragons were just a tiny sidestep. In my youth I read everything I could that involved dragons and still do, to some degree, to this day. Oddly one story that sticks with me even now is “The Dragon that Lived Under Manhattan” by Edmund Wallace Hildick and illustrated by Harold Berson. It was a unique story for me with a benevolent talking dragon and great illustrations. Mr. Berson put a lot of personality into the expressions on the dragon’s face.
I was a nerd to some degree in middle and high school and found Dungeons and Dragons. That was probably my biggest influence and a starting platform for my imagination. I’d still play it today, but to do it right takes up too much time.
And to be cliche’ Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” with Smaug is a classic. Beyond that I have collections of traditional folklore of dragons, I’ve read a few of the Pern novels and some of Melanie Rawn’s work. At some point I went out of my way to avoid dragon stories because I needed to do my own.

You can also find Arthur’s work at these sites:-

Reign of Kings
Dorety Brothers Website

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