Discover the results from our survey

Thanks for your participation in the Feedback for Artists survey that we published recently.

Here’s the results as promised:-

Question 1. How valuable is feedback to your artwork?

50% of artists said “Ideally I’d like lots of feedback on every image I create”.
25% said “Just at least one feedback comment would do me.”
25% said “I can live with just occasional feedback.”

Question 2.

What would it mean to you to gain good feedback on every piece of artwork you create?

Comments included:-

1. Better images when there are valuable critics.
2. I would be a positive result knowing folk appreciate viewing good works of art.
3. It would help me grow as an artist which I really want to do.

Question 3.

Do you have an on-line resource that provides you with quality feedback for most of the artwork that you post? If so – what’s the resource that you use?

About 50% of artists did not have a resource that they regularly used.

Those that did have a resource quoted these forums:-


In the future we’ll be launching a membership site that will include the feature of Mastermind Feedback Groups, where the rate of feedback will be significantly improved, for each and every artist involved.

For those who still want to take part in the survey:-

Click here to take the 3 question survey

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