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Peter Rex

Peter Rex – Issue 1

Peter Rex grew up in rural Germany and now resides in France with a passion for 3D digital art. He has been impacted by art throughout his lifetime, with early influences from his father who was a talented painter and photographer. Peter took prompt advantage of digital art at the time of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga and has never looked back since. Now with more powerful hardware and software at his disposal we look at some of his work and what has inspired the imagery he has created.

Peter Rex Website
Peter Rex at Cornucopia3D


Juan Rodriguez

——Juan Rodriguez—— Issue 1


Juan Rodriguez is a 31 year old digital artist from Zaragoza, Spain who uses Vue and Poser and specialises in fantasy art.

Cornucopia 3D

Jacob Charles Dietz

Jacob Charles Dietz — Issue 2


Jacob Charles Dietz – Steve Wozniak has bought art from him and he’s been published in the digital arts crème de la crème annuals EXPOSÉ 7 and 8. Who is this international artist that lives in the Arizona desert and publishes exceptional future noir and science fiction imagery?

Jacob Charles Dietz Website

Melissa Krauss

Melissa Krauss – Issue 2


Melissa Krauss has been involved with the internet from the beginning. Her specialty has been creating artwork that features well defined and striking female characters. Her artwork influences include text based role-playing games and the natural environment of the forest.

Melissa Krauss Website

Artur Rosa

Artur Rosa – Issue 3


Artur Rosa hails from Portugal. His background is originally engineering, but found a passion for 3D digital art since 2006. We’ve all probably heard of SimCity—a classic 3D game that piqued his interest and led him eventually to using E-on’s Vue software. Artur takes us through the best of his portfolio and his passion for 3D digital art.

Deviant Art Gallery

Danny Gordon

Danny Gordon – Issue 3

Danny Gordon grew up in New Jersey, in the U.S. He’s a computer draftsman by trade which has naturally led him to 3D digital landsaape art. Here he talks about his exploration of new worlds with Terragen and more recently Mojoworld.

Renderosity Homepage

Deviant Art Gallery


Alexander Nikolaev

Alexander Nikolaev – Issue 3

Alex Niko
hails from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in Russia. He is a self-confessed science-fiction enthusiast and this fervour is reflected in the high quality of his digital art created with Pandromeda’s Mojoworld. He speaks about how he became involved with 3D digital art and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of his artwork.

Renderosity Gallery

Warren Turner

Warren Turner – Issue 4


Warren Turner – A prolific user of Mojoworld Pro, Warren has used his wizardry to create other worlds upon worlds of wonder. He is from Essex, England.

Warren Turner – Renderosity


Phillip Drawbridge

——Phillip Drawbridge—— Issue 4

Phillip Drawbridge – A Tunbridge Wells Brit living in Fishers, Indiana with wife Gale since 2004. Studied computers and art at school, but entered the computer field for a career. He is now a Unconditional Permanent Resident and has a green card good through 2018.

Phillip’s main hobby is traditional art and he still dabbles with pen, pencil and paints. He uses a variety of software including Bryce, Carrara, Wings3d and Photoshop.
Phil Drawbridge @ daz
Renderosity Gallery




Hails from Tokyo, Japan and is a popular MojoWorld artist who has used it from its first version, although he started using CG applications at an earlier point in 1997.


Slav at Renderosity

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