Issue 32 Artists

Issue 32

Suzanne Krings "BadSue"

Suzanne Krings “BadSue”

Susanne Krings aka ‘Badsue’ is married with 2 sons. She was born in a small town in the federal state of Germany Northrhine-Westfalia. After high school, Susanne finished her professional education as bank clerk. After school she landed a job in a steel branch and as assistant tax consultant. Nowadays she and her husband are self-employed in the automobile branch. Since she was a child, Susanne has always been interested in all kinds of art, drawing and painting were my hobbies. After getting her first PC in the 90’s, she soon explored the possibilities of digital arts with this new medium via Micrografx Picture Publisher, followed by Adobe Photoshop, mainly for working on the photos. She loves her photography! Later discovered 3D arts with Bryce 3D with upgrades up to Bryce 7, which Susanne is using currently. That when she says she was hooked on 3d Arts, always looking for more programs she could explore. Susanne maintains a focus on nature / landscaping, so for her, she couldn’t go without Terragen Classic 0.9 and Terragen 2.

“The latter got me most fascinated, but I found it the most difficult program to learn and very time intensive to use – maybe when I retire!”
Sincerely Susanne

BadSue at Renderosity

Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser is a London born, Somerset based freelance 3D Animator and graphics artist. After attending a London College, he moved to Glastonbury, Somerset in 1986 and began working with Community Theater projects doing set design and promotion.

In the 90s, Fraser traveled extensively to places like, North Africa, Scandinavia, Europe and America. He later studied Astrophysics at Leicester University where he developed an interest in CGI to show possible earthly and alien environments.

After learning Terragen and becoming an active resource at the Planetside forum, 422 South, a UK-based visual animation and effects house solicited Fraser to work on a National Geographic/Discovery Channel production titled, Drain the Great Lakes. He continued to work with 422 on other BBC projects.

Today, Fraser is a freelance designer and recently completed work for Leap Motion.

Richard Fraser website

Cody Paschal

Cody Paschal

Gregory Cody, aka, Cody Paschal hails from the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina USA. He graduated from Allen Jay high school in 1977. In college, Cody began studying art and design at East Carolina University and later graduated from The University of North Carolina with formal training in architectural design and art history. He spent many years as an illustrator using the old fashion implements of a tee square and compass.

In 1995 he switched to the computer and AutoCAD based applications. About the same time he became interested in the free forms of nature and landscape architecture in general. In 2007 Paschal obtained another BS degree from North Carolina A&T State University in that field. A short time later he discovered the wonders of 3D art and design. He is an avid reader with such interests as philosophy, ancient religions, especially pre-Hebrew and Christian mysticism and is a die-hard sci-fi enthusiasts. Hobbies include reading, writing, sculpting and cycling, etc.

Cody Paschal at Cornucopia

Finnian MacManus

Finnian MacManus

Finnian MacManus is an artist and designer from Chicago, currently living in Pasadena, California. He uses Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and Vue to express his ideas, trying to create industry-quality pieces from the ground up. His work has been exhibited in several international online art collectives, such as Cosmosys, Heartsurge, The Luminarium, Intrinsic Nature, and Depthcore, where he collaborates with other artists to improve his skill and technique. Finnian specializes in 3D art, along with 2D illustration. Finnian currently attends Art Center College of Design, for their rigorous Entertainment Design program.

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