Issue 31 Artists

Issue 31

Sylvain Chevallier

Sylvain Chevallier

We are joined this month by Sylvain Chevallier, a Frenchman and Vue artist living and working in France. It’s rare to find the kind of diversity of subject and genre found together in Sylvain’s Cornucopia gallery.

Whether he’s rendering a Fastback Mustang, a deep space mission, or an Italian Villa, it’s obvious he brings a passion for the image regardless of the topic.

Sylvain Chevallier Cornucopia gallery

Tarik Keskin

Tarik Keskin

In the pure sense of the word, architecture is art. They co-exist in a world of line and curve, color, texture and form to create functional space that is also visually attractive. When artist and architect collide in modern three-dimensional software some amazing things can happen.

A modern student of the world of architecture and 3D Space is Tarik Keskin.

Tarik studies at Doğuş University, Istanbul. His futuristic vision of living on Earth and traveling in space seemed the perfect fit for 3D Art Direct.

Tarik Keskin at Deviant Art

Tarik Keskin’s personal website

Andy Welder

Andy Welder

Andy Welder was born 1954 in Scheveningen, on the coast of The Netherlands. His early years were spent at the beach and the dunes. Early in life his parents moved to the coalmining region in the south -east of the Netherlands.

Welder spent his teenage years in a local bookstore where on endless afternoons, he discovered Sci-Fi and Surrealism. He was inspired by writers like Jack Vance, Larry Niven and Isaac Asimov. Painters like Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Carel Willink and Escher provided an alternate reality that somehow soothed his longing for the sea. It was in those years that he forged the foundation for Terragen.

Art theory was a part of his late seventies college education. With much of the 80s spent traveling for work and a severe back injury in the 90’s, he found computing in his abundance of free time and began his journey with Terragen.

Andy Welder at Renderosity

Andy Welder at Geo Control

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