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Ian Grainger

Ian Grainger

Ian Grainger is primarily a hobbyist 3D artist living in the UK midlands. His embrace of the digital arts coincided with his discovery of the internet in 1999. Being a long time sci-fi and fantasy fan it was natural that his tastes started there. Influenced by the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the fantastic visuals of Peter Jackson, he looked for a way to create his own.

With some background in traditional mediums, Grainger spent some time painting miniatures, but that ended nearly the same time he brought home his first PC. Not long after he found Poser and Bryce and began learning them together has his gateway to digital art.

He joined the Renderosity community and found many like artists and inspiration to grow his skill level. Ultimately he settled into the Deviant Art community and for the last seven years has developed a sizable gallery of sci-fi and fantasy art.

Today, he uses primarily Poser and Cinema4D for putting together his renders. Over the years his art has been recognized by Expose10 and earned Daily Deviations at Deviant Art. In addition to his hobby work, he was commissioned to do a book cover, Frankenstein Vigilante – The Steampunk Series. Book One: The Incorruptibles, as well as a playmat for Wizards of the Coast: Grand Prix at Anaheim. He is in talks with a game producer to do card artwork for a sci-fi RPG.

Hannes Janetzko

Hannes Janetzko

First Place in the NWDA “Roadside” Challenge 2013

Hannes Janetzko spends his working hours as a male nurse in a neurological clinic in a small town in Germany but spends much of his free time building 3D Art using Terragen.

With a long history of influence from movie special effects, Janetzko found a natural transition into digital art.

He has been retained by a German VFX company on occasion to create TG scenery for commercials. He points to the opportunity as a fantastic learning experience.

He is a father to four adult children leaving him plenty of time to pursue his favorite off duty endeavors not involving Terragen—reading books, watching movies, cooking and being in the outdoors.

Jani Peltola

Jani Peltola

Second Place in the NWDA “Roadside” Challenge 2013

Jani Peltola lives and works in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Soon after finishing schools and military service he founded a construction corporation with his brother and father.

He began using Terragen several yeas ago, moving into TG2 in 2010 and continues using it almost exclusively.

This makes the second, 2nd place Peltola has taken in an NWDA contest. His work, Ancient Valley, was the runner-up in NWDA’s last contest.

Pierre Chartier

Pierre Chartier

Third Place in the NWDA “Roadside” Challenge 2013

Pierre Chartier, born 1957 in St-Jérome and for several years lived in Montréal. Is a relatively new artist on the 3D digital Art scene. He graduated in 1984 with a Baccalauréat in communication from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

For the next dozen years, Chartier worked as the Director of Photography for television programs, along the way earning honorable mentions for Best Director of Photography at the Gémeaux Awards in 1989, and five years later winning the Gémeaux trophy as the Best Director.

In 1996, Chartier left the television world to dedicate himself to music. Specializing in exotic wind instruments such as the Améridien Flute and Aeolian Harp makes this artist a musician of rare talent who has influenced and taught countless other musicians of like musical tastes.

His digital art journey started in 2008 with ArtMartic Voyager and after he began using Terragen 2. As a hobbyist and photographer, he is attracted to the ability to render photorealistic images in a software environment.

His third place finish in the NWDA Roadside contest solidifies his place among a strong group of up and coming artists.

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