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Mavrosh Stratiotis

Mavrosh Stratiotis

Mavrosh Stratiotis is a Daz Studio 3D artist from Germany with a real eye for fantasy character art. She resides in M√ľnster where she works in Media Design and Illustration.

Her foundation as an artist began as a toddler showing early signs of talent drawing characters. In her journey to digital art she developed that early foundation is traditional mediums including pencil, watercolor, acrylics and oils.

Mavrosh cites Boris Vallejo as a huge influence in the direction of her art. She is a big fan of the fantasy genre in books, film and the role-playing game world. But it was the gaming world that steered Mavrosh to the 3D Digital Art medium.

She studied social work but recently completed her degree in Media Design to pursue her career in art. She uses Daz Studio 4.5 Pro and Photoshop as her primary software tools.



Vladimir K Yaremchuk – aka KuzMich was born in Tiraspol, Moldova (MSSR) in 1964. Since 1986, has lived in Ukraine – Prick Sonskii Region, Beryslav. He works in a public organisation as the system administrator.

His art career began in 1997 when he picked up Bryce 3D. He worked with some 2D-graphics in Corel and Photoshop prior to that but discovery of the 3D work was like an epiphany for this artist. He always wanted to learn to paint and Bryce let him translate this desire into reality.

Around 2008, KuzMich started suing Vue and today splits his time between the two.

KuzMich at Renderosity

Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson (Artgum at Renderosity) was born in Arizona but grew up in the Midwest. He currently lives and works in St. Lousi, Mo.

The influence of 1960s sci-fi and fantasy work finds its way into much of his art today. His love of the genre coupled with his fascination for music, technology and art gave him a solid foundation to start with when he moved into the digital world.

Paul worked in radio broadcasting in the 70s and 80s, and has played music with various bands for over 30 years.

Paul found Bryce and set off to learn 3D art creation. Since those days he found Vue, Terragen and 3DS Max to round out his 3D toolbox.

ArtGum at Renderosity

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