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Benoit Patterlini

Benoit Patterlini

Benoit Patterlini is a self-taught artist who began drawing at the age of seven. American comic strips were a root inspiration for his work.

He studied Architecture at Marseille-Luminy where he was fortunate in his second year of study to meet the French comic artist, Philippe Caza. The developed a friendship still in place today,where Caza continues to offer advice Benoit’s work.

The Architectural field has been a good compromise between his professional and creative sides, and also allows him to continue using his passion for drawing. Best of all, he still find time to create comics.

Benoit has lived in Paris since 2001 with two main activities. First, working as a freelance 3D graphic designer for prominent architects in Paris, such as Claude Vasconi and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The second is creating digital art projects focused on science fiction.

Benoit Patterlini Website

Drea Horvath

Drea Horvath

Drea Horvath was born in Budapest, Hungary, where she became interested in 3D Landscape Art during her college studies. She has been working with Vue and Photoshop for almost five years, and with her compassion and the invaluable help of highly skilled 3D masters, she has improved her 3D skills to a professional level.

Before founding D&D Creations, she worked for three years in the video game industry as a terrain & level designer, and completed many visualization projects as a freelance artist.

Drea has won several awards given by E-on Software and other art sharing sites with her work. She has published three tutorial articles for 3D Artist magazine and many of her works were showcased in the magazine. She designed the cover image for 3D World Issue 156, and some of her making-of tutorials are available online.

Currently she works and lives in central Netherlands, where she founded D&D Creations with Michel. Besides working in the studio as a 3D Landscape Artist, she also works as a Software Specialist for Vue and as a Product Copyright Consultant at YURdigital.

Drea Horvath website

Michel Rondberg

Michel Rondberg

Michel Rondberg, born in Tiel, The Netherlands, discovered his hidden talent for music. At age five. He started learning the piano at eight and by his tenth year was composing his own tracks using his keyboard and home computer. His first official album released at the age of 15. His greatest achievement in music was his 2005 album “Voices of Angels”, which ranked #1 in the USA.

Michel also became interested in 3D art and game development at a very young age. When he was just 13 he wrote the codes for a computer game as a hobby. Two years later he started learning 3D applications and has improved his technical and artistic skills to a professional level in Vue.

Before founding D&D Creations with Drea Horvath, he spent more than 8 years working for a game studio where they worked together as a terrain & level designer, and concurrent to that composed more than 3 hours of music for the studio.

Michel has won several awards from E-on Software and other art sharing sites with his work. Several of his tutorials, tips & tricks have been published online.

Currently he works as a 3D Environment Artist, Certified Sound and Video Engineer and Music Composer in the Studio, and has a publishing deal at Strengholt Music Group. Along with Drea, he also works as a Software Specialist for Vue and as a Product Copyright Consultant at YURdigital.

Michel Rondberg website

Alfa SeeD

Alfa SeeD

Behind Alfa SeeD there’s an artistic duo with As and Syl, a real life couple and a pair of very passionate individuals all-in-one.

We have produced Poser content for more than ten years and have grown, both as artists and personally. We have won awards and have had artworks published on digital artbooks, but the truth is, we always look forward. We strive constantly to improve and widen our skills and experience.

We enjoy art in all its forms. We enjoy the outdoors and never have enough time to do everything we’d like to.

As persons, we’re quite different from each other but are not opposites and we share the most important things – our values and passions. We feel open minded and use the concept of respect as one of our main guidelines. We have a passion for creativity in all its forms!

Alfa SeeD on Deviant Art

Alfa SeeD on Runtime DNA

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