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Don Webster

Don Webster

Don Webster has made a career around images and digital technology. From his army officer days as an aerial surveillance officer in the 60s to an executive management position at a technology company in the 90s, he has built a diverse experience base uniquely suited to the field of 3D art.

Don’s love of period history spanning multiple generations is a pallet of inspiration for a gallery of digital art to be envied. From the streets of Rome and the time of Emperors, to the battlefields of the American Civil War, Don has an eye for period art and uses a wide array of 3D tools to bring his vision to life.
Enjoying his retirement in the lush hills of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Don blends his free time with taking care of his beautiful home, traveling with his wife of 34 years, Shirley, and working in his exquisite studio creating digital art of the highest quality.

He is a long-time Mac user and uses Vue, Modo, and Zbrush, along with several other software packages as the primary tools of his handiwork.

Don Webster’s Home Page



Isikol – Isidore koliavras

Isidore koliavras is a working graphic designer. He lives in Athens, Greece and with a lifelong passion for comic book heroes has honed his digital art skill to creating and designing his own superhero characters, as well as putting his own touch to classic Superheroes.

Using Poser and Photoshop as his primary tools, Eshkol has created a vast gallery of his own creations that could stand alongside some of the most well-known characters of the age. In addition, he has paid homage and put his own twist on some more well-known Superheroes, including his favorite, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and several others.

He hopes to someday ply his skill with one of the big comic book art houses.

Find Isikol on the Web: 

Summer Galleries

Brian Christensen

Brian Christensen

Brian Christensen lives and works in Northern California. Is pretty much a self-taught artist drawing things with pencil since early childhood. He took some 3d modeling classes in college and got hooked on Terragen.

Brian at Renderosity


Suzi Amberson

Suzi Amberson – Kachinadoll @ Deviant Art

Suzi Amberson currently resides in sunny Phoenix, Az. She worked in the Insurance industry for 24 years before discovering a passion for digital art. Once Suzi realized she was not following her intended path she took a huge leap of faith and left the Insurance business to pursue the passion for creating 3D art.

Suzi is a self-taught artist. She earned her wings starting out with Poser 6 to creating characters and backgrounds for images in 2007. Her CG toolbox has expanded over the past few years and now includes Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5 Extended, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, Marvelous Designer 2, Hexagon and Bryce as her tools of choice.

She entered her first official art contest in 2009 over on the Daz3D website. The challenge was to create an image in the spirit of infamous fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta. The final judging was conducted by Frank Frazetta Jr. One of her entries took third place and fueled her desire to pursue 3D art as she sought to add interest and depth to her spectacular body of work.

Kachinadoll at Deviant Art

Artur Rosa

Artur Rosa


Artur Rosa hails from Portugal. His background is originally engineering, but found a passion for 3D digital art since 2006. We’ve all probably heard of SimCity—a classic 3D game that piqued his interest and led him eventually to using E-on’s Vue software. Artur takes us through the best of his portfolio and his passion for 3D digital art.

Artur Rosa Deviant Art Gallery


Danny Gordon

Danny Gordon

Danny Gordon grew up in New Jersey, in the U.S. He’s a computer draftsman by trade which has naturally led him to 3D digital landsaape art. Here he talks about his exploration of new worlds with Terragen and more recently Mojoworld.

Renderosity Homepage

Danny Gordon Deviant Art Gallery



Arthur Dorety


Art’s life revolves around art and music. Born in New Jersey, he went to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He enjoys art for art’s sake.

Art at Cornucopia3D 
Art at Renderosity 
Art at Deviantart 
Dorety Brother’s Homepage


Junoir McClean

Junoir McClean

Junior McClean is a self taught artist who lives in the Bronx, New York. He is a freelance cover artist providing gaming, fantasy and sci-fi illustrations since 1996. Junior’s tools include Bryce and Photoshop.

To find Junior McClean on the web:

Junior McClean at Redbubble

Freelance Showcase at Freewebs

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