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Ali Ries

Ali Ries

Ali Ries is a 3D digital artist from Salem, Oregon. Coming of age in the NASA era of Gemini and Apollo anchored her artist roots in space. Like many children of the sixties she was mesmerized by Neil Armstrong’s historic first moonwalk, wishing she could be standing beside him in the grand adventure.

Her love for Sci-Fi was handed down from her mom. Their home was always filled with the latest Sci-Fi adventures. When Star Trek premiered on network television her future was paved with dream of some future in the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy art or special effects. She would later meet the actors and writers of Star Trek at various fan gatherings.

A career in special effects and the world of science fiction seemed out of reach and Ali became a nurse, but the dream never died.

With the proliferation of 3D Art software Ali found a way to express her galactic imagination. With the equivalent of a mental Hubble platform, Ali began creating astronomical starscapes, nebulae and other space scenes as real as the night sky.

Today her work is used on book covers, television projects and other media around the world, including the recent SyFy network project, BSG: Blood and Chrome.

Her rocket has arrived.

Ali Ries at Deviant Art

Suzi Amberson

Suzi Amberson – Kachinadoll @ Deviant Art

Suzi Amberson currently resides in sunny Phoenix, Az. She worked in the Insurance industry for 24 years before discovering a passion for digital art. Once Suzi realized she was not following her intended path she took a huge leap of faith and left the Insurance business to pursue the passion for creating 3D art.

Suzi is a self-taught artist. She earned her wings starting out with Poser 6 to creating characters and backgrounds for images in 2007. Her CG toolbox has expanded over the past few years and now includes Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5 Extended, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, Marvelous Designer 2, Hexagon and Bryce as her tools of choice.

She entered her first official art contest in 2009 over on the Daz3D website. The challenge was to create an image in the spirit of infamous fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta. The final judging was conducted by Frank Frazetta Jr. One of her entries took third place and fueled her desire to pursue 3D art as she sought to add interest and depth to her spectacular body of work.

Kachinadoll at Deviant Art

Mike Drozd

Mike Drozd

Mirek Drozd was born in Poland and lives near Warsaw in the small town of Otwock.

A professional optician. He spends his free time exploring and refining his interests in digital artwork. Mirek has been inspired both by the work of Salvador Dali as well as computer game art found in such titles as “Myst” and “Riven”.  “You can find elements of the atmosphere from those strange but beautiful worlds in my pictures”, Mirek says. The main program he uses is Bryce 7 Pro. with the postwork done in Adobe Photoshop 5. In addition he use Wings 3D and Blender 2.61.

Some of Mirek’s work, along with his tutorials, can be found in a step-by-step guide/album “DIGITAL SCI-FI-ART” published by ILEX (September 2004) printed in the UK. In March 2004, Mirek was featured artist showcased in “Science Fiction Weekly” website and cover artist in THE BULLETIN OF THE SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS OF AMERICA, For several years, his work can be seen on the cover of Polish edition of the magazine NEXUS

tse60 at Deviant Art

Mirek Drozd home page

Christian Beyer

Christian Beyer

Christian Beyer from Germany started out exploring computer graphics on an Atari 800 XL home computer. He moved on to exploring the depths of Bryce and Terragen but now primarily uses Vue to add to his large portfolio of science fiction themed images.

Christian Beyer gallery at Cornucopia 3D

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